DDJ-FLX4 & Djay Pro AI

@Michael_Wisniewski is stems implemented natively in the latest official update or do neural FX have to be mapped? Does the CFX knob trigger a drop-down FX menu on Mac like in Rekordbox? What do you think of the smart fader implementation? I see @Chris_R stating that it triggers filters and 2 FX
What about these issues that you pointed out earlier, have you been able to check out the official implementation yet? (I decided to return my FLX4 because I had no idea when the update would drop and a planned long trip would have taken me past the return date of the unit, hence I am unable to test drive this update).

Great information as always!! Thanks a lot!! I just got FLX4 and noticed two things(so far).
As you said, the Smart Fader, the deck transitions from fades out with an echo effect but it doesn’t seem like works the same as Rekordbox does though. (Rekordbox also matches the BPM automatically to the deck that gets transitioned to). I tried to find the mapping in the settings menu but when I hit the smart fader button on the controller it doesn’t show the corresponding action in the function list.
I can get my iPad(iPad mini 5th gen) connected to FLX4 only via Bluetooth. I tried USB C to Lightning cable (iPad mini 5th gen still has the Lightning port) but no luck. I also noticed when my mobile devices are connected via Bluetooth, the controller doesn’t lit until I switch the power plug back into the “device connection USB port on the controller” instead of the power input USB port.
I don’t know if it is only me but hopefully the next update resolves these issues soon.

For some reason, on my iPad mini, Djay Pro shows way better performance than Rekordbox mobile version. It loads tracks way faster and Rekordbox still can’t get tracks analyzed for some reason.

Again, thanks for the info. I still personally prefer Djay pro over Rekordbox mobile.

Btw, is there any way to change the track order manually on Rekordbox mobile? I love the way Djay pro let us move around (up and down) by dragging tracks on the fly in the track list but I just don’t see anything like that in Rekordbox.

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Excited to dig into this new release (after a current biz trip). Very curious to see which features were implemented and if any new XML commands were exposed.

Re: Neural Mix
The (unofficia)l mapping has Neural Mix mapped to the Pad FX2 buttons, wondering if they mapped Neural Mix to anything in the official version?

Re: BEAT FX 1&2
Did they get this option to work? Can you execute FX on both decks?

Re: Smart CFX
When this is engaged - do the Filter knobs change parameters on the FX - or is it just applying the Filter like normal?

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Neural Mix:
This is not present in the official mapping. Probably also because there are no dedicated buttons for it. So the only way is to replace other functions with it. For me, it’s on Sampler, because I don’t use it significantly. And unlike Pad FX2, that’s a little more direct to get to because it doesn’t require pressing the Shift key to activate that. Additionally, I put a toggle on both channels to switch between EQ and Neuralmix (Shift & CUE).

Deck FX:
Maybe I didn’t understand the problem, but it works to use the effects on channel 1, channel 2 or both channels depending on the position of the switch. This position just needs to be set accordingly when mapping.

Smart CFX:
As briefly described above, this adds one of two effects to the filter, depending on which direction the knob is turned. The parameters are also changed in each case.
I would actually be interested to know how this is implemented internally, because I think I would like to use this in a similar way elsewhere.

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Cool! It will be interesting to find out how that works.

Most likely this is done internally in the XML file and not directly accessible via the MIDI learn tool.


Otherwise that would be too easy :wink: But that should not stop us! :+1:


It’s possible that support for the new DDJ-FLX4 could be added in the future through updates or new software releases.

@Phil0110 read above. It’s already supported.

Hi! @Slak_Jaw I saw your example with the iPAD is very useful. I’m buying tomorrow the DDJ-FLX4. I want to connect my iphone via BT and/or cable. How do you do that? Is the same as for ipad? I understand for BT how to look but how about when you connect the iphone via USB C?

Is there an additional software to download?
Otherwise for MAC I guess you just link it via USB and then change the settings with audio right? Thanks a lot for your help!

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@Marzio_Veno I don’t have a FLX4 so I can’t say for sure, but I believe you can connect your iPhone direct to the unit with a genuine Apple USB-C to Lightning cable.

The other option would be to use a genuine Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter and a USB-C to USB-A cable.

Unless you already have the camera adapter, option 1 would probably be better.

I’m sure the FLX4 manual will have detailed instructions for this though.

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Thanks a lot! Unfort he got it only for the other softwares as Serato etc so I’m trying to mocking it for Djaypro. Since the update is very new 30th March I believe we will find more youtubers doing it for us soon. anyways I will test it and if I find more info I will report it! Thanks :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. Good luck with your testing.

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The update with Flx4 support was released about a week ago. And even before that, there were several updates in the last few months. You should try to find out why you did not see these updates.

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Has anyone managed to connect a lightning device (iphone or iPad) directly to the FLX4? I have a genuine USB-C to Lightning cable and nothing, a genuine USB-A - Lightning cable with an A-C adaptor and nothing.
I can only get the FLX4 to connect with a USB3 camera connector with lightning cable to power it.

Yes the FLX4 works direct to a lightning iPhone/iPad (no need for Apple USB3 adapter).

Check that your power supply supports 3A / 5 volts. Many power supplies are rated for less (1A, 1.5A etc.).

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Thanks but I’ve tried with high power chargers and still nothing.

Have you actually got it working like this?

Yes it’s working fine for my lightning iPad and iPhone.

You might also need to troubleshoot your USB-C cables to see if they can handle the higher power requirements.

Here’s an older post listing some things to look for and what worked for me.


Thanks, I thought my 6.5v - 3A USB A charger with HPD cable was enough. Clearly not.

Finally got it working with a 20w (5v / 3A) USB-C charger, USB C-C cable supplied with FLX4 and Apple lightning - USB-C cable.

Thanks again


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