DDJ-FLX4 & Djay Pro AI

I think Pioneer had an end of March dateline for their roll out of the Rekordbox IOS App with full integration, so their still on at this moment in time.

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Possibly, announced was “early 2023”, that sounded like January or maybe February to me. In my opinion, the end of March is already quite far away from “early 2023”. But it is like it is, one day it will hopefully be so far. In any case, I am curious.

It’ll be interesting to see how comprehensive the Djay Pro integration is with the FLX4, specifically around the smart fader and smart colour effects - which I’m guessing are the key features that have drawn a number of people to the FLX4.

I gave up and listed mine on Mercari, I just went and got an FLX6 instead

That’s the reason why I’m still waiting for an official mapping. For me at least, it always takes quite a while until I’ve adapted everything to my needs, so at the moment I have little desire to adapt everything individually for me and then, when there is something official, to start again from scratch.

I am curious what additional features Algoriddim will add; but, I’m not sold on the the Smart Fader and Smart CFX as a big draw for people. For me, the main draws are mainly the new look, compact design and proper iOS support.

Some features I found interesting/challenging to map:

  1. Smart Fader - This IS Automix, just under a different name, and it’s a better implementation than Pioneer’s; kudos to Algoriddim on that. Unfortunately, the name “Automix” has negative connotation with many DJs, so Smart Fader wins on the PR/Marketing front. But of all the features, I was most pleased with this on the FLX4.

  2. Beat FX - The only thing I couldn’t map in Beat FX was the setting the FX to trigger both Deck 1&2. The implementation in Rekordbox uses a Master Bus which isn’t exposed in djay Pro (AFAIK). Also the 1&2 setting doesn’t actually send a MIDI signal, so you can’t map it. Perhaps it’s HID but who knows?

But for me the Beat FX section is the thing that annoys me the most on the FLX4. I’m not a fan of Pioneer’s Beat FX layout (on any mixer or controller), I’ve always found it clunky. There are better ways to handle FX; and Pioneer’s implementation is just awkward.

  1. Smart CFX - Chained FX that can be saved as a template. Nothing like this currently exists in djay Pro; though it is possible to do it manually. In addition, I couldn’t find a way to map the Filter button to to FX once the FX were “ON”. Definitely, needs attention from Algoriddim programmers.

  2. Adjust Loop In/Out with Jog Wheel - This is one of those features in Rekordbox that is just brilliant. If you hold down the yellow In or Out loop buttons, you can use the Jog Wheel to adjust the In or Out point of the currently playing loop. I find this extremely slick and user-friendly. Unfortunately, no way to map this (currently) in djay Pro.


Agree Jamie, that the Smart Fader, is a pretty cool feature, I’m just a bedroom DJ, well kitchen in my personal circumstances! so, don’t know if it will be used by DJs professionally, but I love it!

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it’s ridiculous honestly. The ddj-flx4 has been out since November and still NO SUPPORT!


Seriously how is there still no support for FLX4. Let’s go Algoriddim!

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I hope they release an update soon. I’m due to renew my subscription in April, I bought the DDJ-FLX4 last week without knowing it wasn’t mapped :frowning: I don’t have a computer, only an Ipad Pro… I tried some of the unofficial mappings but the controller doesn’t work quite right.

Any news about rekordbox for Ipad?

Via Youtube, I could also only elicit from a Pioneer employee that the release is getting closer.

The page for the Pioneer Opus Quad mentions April as a release date for Rekordbox on iOS and Android: https://www.pioneerdj.com/product/all-in-one-system/opus-quad/black/overview/

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I hope it will better than the screenshots they are showing…

Unfortunately, we are getting further and further away from the originally announced “early 2023” … :frowning: But who knows what that is good for. Throwing an unfinished product onto the market just to offer it as early as possible is certainly not the best idea either.

Please can we say me when the flx4 will be supported on Djay pro AI

@Denis_Guchet Algoriddim does not provide release dates for controller support or anything else for that matter. Basically, they announce support when it’s ready.

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So my FLX4 arrived today and when I connect it by usb to my iPad Pro it shows up under connected BT devices in the iPad and the midi LED on the controller shows connection (solid glow) BUT it will not connect through the dJay app so I can’t get into the mapping features. How did people map the device if it won’t even connect to the iPad?

@aubhn how are you connecting it to the iPad? Directly with a USB-C cable or through a powered USB hub?

Most people will have connected the controller to the iPad via cable. In principle, however, this should also work via Bluetooth. Have you also connected it accordingly in the settings in DJay Pro AI?

Thanks for reply. I’m connecting directly with usbc cable, no hub. I had a ddj200 as a placeholder till this unit arrived and it connected instantly via BT