DDJ-FLX4 & Djay Pro AI

You’re welcome. Good luck with your testing.

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The update with Flx4 support was released about a week ago. And even before that, there were several updates in the last few months. You should try to find out why you did not see these updates.

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Has anyone managed to connect a lightning device (iphone or iPad) directly to the FLX4? I have a genuine USB-C to Lightning cable and nothing, a genuine USB-A - Lightning cable with an A-C adaptor and nothing.
I can only get the FLX4 to connect with a USB3 camera connector with lightning cable to power it.

Yes the FLX4 works direct to a lightning iPhone/iPad (no need for Apple USB3 adapter).

Check that your power supply supports 3A / 5 volts. Many power supplies are rated for less (1A, 1.5A etc.).

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Thanks but I’ve tried with high power chargers and still nothing.

Have you actually got it working like this?

Yes it’s working fine for my lightning iPad and iPhone.

You might also need to troubleshoot your USB-C cables to see if they can handle the higher power requirements.

Here’s an older post listing some things to look for and what worked for me.


Thanks, I thought my 6.5v - 3A USB A charger with HPD cable was enough. Clearly not.

Finally got it working with a 20w (5v / 3A) USB-C charger, USB C-C cable supplied with FLX4 and Apple lightning - USB-C cable.

Thanks again


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