DDJ-FLX4 (Unofficial3.0) MIDI Mapping

DDJ-FLX4 MIDI Mapping (Unofficial 3.0)
DDJ-FLX4 (Unofficial3.0).djayMidiMapping (79.5 KB)

  • Smart Fader button toggles Crossfader FX
  • Smart CFX button is un-mapped / free

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Excelente, smart fader is amazing!!

I prefer djay pro ai over rekordbox, the user interface is better and it’s more efficient on Mac I think. But I have a FLX 4 and rekordbox use the controller better than djay pro.

This is a good move in the right way but, i dont go back to djay until smart colors and beat fx are compatible, its close, i waitting with hope.

Thanks for the work guys.