Dedicated music library tab IOS

It would be good to have a dedicated ‘tab’ for song lists in the classic view for iOS.

Using a controller covers most of the functionality that can be accessed instead of the visual representation of the spinning decks.

The current way of selecting songs required a few clicks. It would be good to have a fixed menu on each side of the deck so song access is quick.

Hi there,

Thanks for reporting this to us. Are you using iPhone or iPad?

I’d like to point out that you can find the library below the decks in the 2-Deck Pro View. Just press on the library icon near the crossfader to open the library in the lower half of the screen.

Requests to open the search function with fewer taps/clicks are being discussed here. We are currently looking into ways of making the process of selecting tracks quicker. We’ll keep you posted about this here.

Thanks for your understanding.


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