Denon DN-MC6000 is Mapped (by me) for djay Pro!

I have it all working except the lights under the buttons and I am hoping to hear back to see if this is possible.

I am glad to share but I will wait to hear from Warren to see if this is allowed.

I’ve started to map my MC6000 with djay and am impressed so far. The one thing I can’t get right is the channels, crossfader and cueing. Any ideas where I am going wrong?

What do I need to set under preferences? Currently I have main output and pre-cueing both set to ch1-2. Channel 2 and 3 on the MC6000 are both set to midi.

Any help would be much appreciated. As a mobile DJ, Spotify integration is the key selling point for me, so if I can get it working and stable with my MC6000, this might just replace Tractor!

In VDJ I can record the output of the Denon MC6000 MKII meaning that if I enable POST even the mic channels will be recorded. Is this possible in djay pro? So far I don’t think so but just thought I’d ask. I think djay pro just has the four output channels and none coming back in.

Hi Everyone,

Really sorry for the late reply.

LED lights can usually be mapped by simply enabling “MIDI Out” under the “Advanced Options” in the configuration window.

What does turning that on do?

I have no problem sharing but let me test it out tonight…

What you can send from djay pro is minimal. I see no where to turn on lights but I will keep trying.

Nope, another thing that just doesn’t work.

Thanks Jason, the 6000 is different. I tried exactly what you suggested on every channel and no luck.

I have given up with this… requested a refund.

They don’t have the 6000. Already asked.

They can’t even fix the problems that prevent people from using the software live, let alone fix the midi mappings.

No thanks on Serato. I am on their forums and they have crashes all over the place.

Take care!

Promised in the next update. Of course, there is no idea when that will be.

Natively supported. How about just connecting the controller and opening the software and you will have your answer.

I don’t think it would be a problem if you share your Mapping (correct me if I’m wrong).
I don’t own that controller, but have you tried turning midi out on? It’s a bit hidden in the Midi-Mapping window. Its in the advanced Options. (left hand bottom side of the window.)

Hope this helps :wink:


As far as my quick google research results the LEDs are midi mappable.
You have to send the right note to turn them on and off again. In the manual should be more information regarding this topic.
I’ve made a custom mapping for my (cheap) Hercules controller and the Manual gave a full overview of what is mappable and how the commands have to be set up.

So I’d say: Just experiment. As far as I know you can’t brick your controller by sending Midi messages to it. :wink:

True words! But i don’t know how how that piece of hardware will react if you send the wildest Midi things to it. Some Midi devices (Like Keyboads) have the ability to update their software via midi.

does this model need mapping now… or will it work straight away when plugged in?

didn’t want to buy one and it not work. have one now, but struggling to pre cue as you should be able too. any ideas?

Hi !
I would REEEALY like to have this mapping!
Started to try myself but i did not get far…

So, when it is ready, please do share!

//DJ Kobe

Set your audio settings the right way. I had to do that after first time connection. I had to switch ch1,2 and ch3,4.

Not all software support light activation in the setup. Traktor does I know. It’s like programming binary 1 on / 0 off. I think someone was suggesting you try the midi out section to see if it will send the command to the controller telling it to activate the lights. Not sure myself if that will work or not. But it couldn’t hurt to try.