Denon Mc6000Mk2 midi mapping issues

Hi, I’ve just bought the windows version of DJay Pro to use with my Denon MC6000MK2. I’ve been unable to get the cueing to work and the lights on the controller aren’t functioning with the software. From what I’m reading there is no solution available. As my controller is listed as supported on the website, I’d consider this as Misselling. If I’m incorrect and there is a solution then please let me know, otherwise please advise how I can go about getting my money refunded? Many thanks, Barry

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And THAT is why I will never use a PC. Driver issues all over the place.

When you use Mac, you plug in the controller and that’s it. It just works.

Sorry you are having trouble but a Mac apple company like this should have never started support PC’s… only asking for trouble.

Hey Barry,

we are sorry to hear about your issue. Did you install the designated driver for your device?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey Barry,

sorry for the delayed response.
I have tested the controller in an over night testing routine and with a Windows device running the Creators Update (1703) the Denonen Mc6000 Mk2 is running.

Which Windows operating system are you using?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey Barry,

sorry for the delayed response (again). Thank you for updating to the Creators Update. After doing so I assume that you need to deinstall the old driver of the Denon controller via the Device Manager?

1.Open Start.
2.Search for Device Manager and click the result.
3.Expand the Denon Device
4.Right-click and select Uninstall.

I hope this is helping.

Lukas E.

Good to hear that this was helping.

Have fun with the software.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi Lukas, yes I’ve installed the latest Denon driver and firmware from their website. Cheers, Barry

Any further suggestions?

Hi Lukas E. Id like a refund on the software as I’ve not had any useful feedback and it is not functioning with my Denin Controller as advertised. Could you please advise on the process?

Hi Lukas, I’m using Windows 10 Home version 1607, 32 bit. I’ve tested the controller with Serato to make sure it wasn’t the device acting up and it worked fine.


Hi Lukas, I’ve installed the Creators Update, but the problem persists. I can’t hear the Cued track and the Cue Button lights are constantly on…

Hi Lukas, if there’s nothing further, could you please advise on how I can obtain a refund? Many thanks, Barry

Lukas, because the product does not function as advertised I will need to be provided with a refund as per the Consumer Rights Act 2015. I am approaching Algorridm in the first instance to give you an opportunity to make this right. I’ve not had a satisfactory response yet, and there’s been no communication from your end for a week now. I will need to escalate this via the Ombudsman if I don’t hear from you shortly.

Thanks Lukas, working now


I am having the same problem. I had it working at one point, it’s deffo a driver thing. I can’t get it working now :frowning: I have installed the x64 Denon driver and running WIN10 ver 1809
I’m using the trial atm so this is make or break to purchase a license. Any help would be greatly appreciated.