Denon MC7000? Good ? Problems ?

Hi Hall. I’m fairly new to Dj pro. I have an old Denon mc7000. Does anyone here use this on Mac and iPad? Does it work well any problems? I bought the Mixon 8, But the bill quality is so much better on the mc7000.

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Hi @Nubium, I’ve never used this hardware myself, but I did a quick search on this forum and it seems several users recommend it. I’m sure you could dig a little further and reach out to some of these users directly:

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Ok thanks. you said you haven’t used it but here you said you just ordered it, Did you never receive it?

No, unfortunately, I had to cancel the order because the delivery time was too long and shipping cost was too high where I was at the time.

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I have used the MC7000 for 3 years with Djay Pro and it works flawlessly. I use an MC4000 as my secondary/backup rig and it works very well also.

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Thank you for your reply. Great to know. What are you using now?

I have just got my old MC 7000 out of storage. The quality of it is so much better than the Mixon 8. Have you found a good place to map the neural mix stems ? I think I may have just saved myself €1000

@Nubium, check out my personal Mixon 8 Pro mapping for some ideas on how to map Neural Mix controls to your MC7000. I suggest you map one of the performance pads to Neural Mix Solo/Mute and a toggle button for regular EQs and Neural Mix EQs.

Actually, the beat grid buttons are not being used so I use the left one just for instrumental and the right one to solo the vocal. Processing: image.jpg…Processing: image.jpg…

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