Reloop Mixon 8 - Ultimate STEMS Mapping

Here’s my custom STEMS/Neural Mix MIDI mapping for the Reloop Mixon 8.

  1. FX Knobs 1 -3 are now Neural EQ Drums, Harmony and Vocals
  2. SHIFT + FX Knobs 1-3 are now FX 1-3 Wet/Dry
  3. Beats/Param Encoder is now FX 1-3 Parameter (all 3 controlled together)
  4. Pushing the Encoder selects the Previous FX 1
  5. SHIFT + Encoder Push selects the Previous FX 2
  6. Tap selects the Next FX 1
  7. SHIFT + Tap selects the Next FX 2
  8. Mic 1 On is INSTRUMENTAL (for people who use a mic you’ll want to delete this in the mapping)
  9. Mic 1 Talkover is ACAPPELLA (for people with mic’s you’ll want to delete this in the mapping)
  10. Parameter buttons above the Sync button are now Beat Jump Backwards and Forwards
  11. SHIFT + Parameter changes the Beat Jump Size
  12. SHIFT + Headphone Cue toggles Neural/EQ mode for each channel
  13. SHIFT + Browse Encoder push Previews the currently selected track
  14. SHIFT + Load Channel 1 Rewinds the track Preview
  15. SHIFT + Load Channel 2 Fast Forwards the track Preview.

NOTE OF CAUTION: Use at your own risk. I made this for my own personal use and it hasn’t been reviewed or tested by anyone else. There may be some mistakes. If you use a microphone, you’ll provably want to delete the Instrumental and Acappella buttons in the mapping. I’m not responsible for any issues resulting from the use of this mapping.

Reloop Mixon 8 Pro SJ1.djayMidiMapping (305.4 KB)


This is fantastic. I already mapped the “parameter” buttons to beat jump just like you did.
SHIFT-Cue to toggle between Neural/EQ mode is genius. Def gonna do that. But I’m afraid I’ll get confused with that FX knobs setup! Gonna play with it.

Thank you for this!!

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Actually, I find this FX knob setup much simpler and easier to use than the default. The single encoder controls the FX Parameter for all 3 FX units at the same time so you only every have to turn 1 knob to control any of the 3 parameters. Then you simply press the On/Off buttons for which of the 3 FX you want active. I typically set the Wet/Dry to 100% and never change it so having that on a Shift layer works perfect for me.

This way I can control FX and STEMs at the same time without having to toggle my main EQ knobs to Neural Mode.

Also I really like having the dedicate Instrumental and Acappella buttons above the FX knobs. This works great if you need to remove a vocal quickly or if you want an instant acappella.

Hi @Slak_Jaw ! Thanks for sharing the mapping, I though the controller was damage from factory :joy: - Quick question… which mapping is the latest the one in this post or the one you shared here: Reloop Mixon 8 - MIDI Mapping & Firmware Issues - #2 by Slak_Jaw ?

Also the mapping works for iOS and Mac?

Thanks agains!

@ed-dj you’re welcome. The mapping in the other thread is older - it doesn’t have any of the STEMs functions above.

I’m using iOS, but it should work on MacOS too. I just haven’t tested it.

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@Slak_Jaw Thanks so much for the mapping and well documented screenshots! I just unpacked my Mixon8 last night (after lusting over it for the year since the announcement) and was utterly confused by the delivered FX mappings. Aside from the KORG KAOS DJ (which I use mainly for effects), this is my first controller so assumed I was doing something wrong!

I use wet/dry a lot so will probably tweak this mapping and share back if I can improve it. I’m surprised the paddles don’t carry some sort of wet/dry velocity. The subtle resistance suggests they’d be great for this type of function.

Aside from this board and Reddit, do you (or anyone on the thread) have ideas for a good community to tap into and trade ideas about this new controller?


Hi @Slak_Jaw I tested it out on a Mac and works great. On the iPad though I’m having a issue with the FX Knobs 1-3 …for some estrange reason they are assigned to Deck 3 and 4 and I fixed them but after a while they go back to Decks 3 and 4 …this also happens if I edit the “built-in” version. Has this happened to you before?

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@SFOT0K you’re welcome! Good luck with your mapping. I’m interested to hear how you approach it. Yeah, the FX paddles are not MIDI Mappable at all. They don’t show up within the djay MIDI Learn menu. Disappointing for sure.

@ed-dj glad to hear it works on Mac. I haven’t had any issues with the FX assignments reverting back to Deck 3-4 after fixing them. Seems like there could be a bit of a bug in the firmware. I suggest making a copy of the mapping then deleting the assignments for the FX on all 4 decks and rebuilding that part of the mapping from scratch to see if that helps.

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Ok, good idea, thanks! I’ll try that and report back… I also think that the bug happens when I switch from one mapping to other. I have like 4 different ones to test which one feels better for me. I’ll try a few things and let you guys all know here. :slight_smile:

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I’ve also created another version of this mapping with different Performance Pad assignments if anyone is interested. I wasn’t really a fan of the default implementation.

  1. Hot Cue remains unchanged
  2. Pitch Play remains unchanged
  3. I replaced Loop Roll with Saved Loops
  4. Saved Flip with Bounce Loops
  5. Saved Loop with Instant FX
  6. Slicer with Sampler
  7. Sampler with Looper tracks 1 & 2
  8. Scratch Bank with Looper tracks 3 & 4

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They bragged About Stems control on the Mixon 8. You should have to go thru all this they should’ve tested it thoroughly. If you watch the Namm video the guy from Reloop said that was the reason for the release delay they were making sure everything worked. Ha Ha!!!

I believe the delays were mainly related to making it work properly with Serato STEMs. I’m thinking the firmware adjustments made for Serato may have introduced some unanticipated bugs for djay. I could be wrong though. Either way, I’m pretty used to creating my own custom MIDI mappings to suit my workflow and style of DJing.

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I seem to have run into the exact challenge you described on the paddles Slak_Jaw. I wonder if a potential enhancement would be on the Algoriddim software or Reloop firmware side? I suspect Algoriddim since the paddle is clearly sending some sort of signal.

I’m using Reloop with an iPad pro and USB C. On occasion, my Mixon8 fader seems to swap directions?!? I’m curious if either of you experienced this?

I think the paddles would need to be addressed on the firmware side since they don’t show up in MIDI learn. However, it’s possible that Algoriddim is blocking this on the software side. Probably accessible through the XML file, but I don’t have enough experience there to poke around and figure it out.

As for your faders swapping direction, I haven’t experienced this. I have, however, noticed that djay sometimes seems to revert back to the default MIDI mapping or lose the mapping all together and I need to reload it mid-set. I haven’t figured out what causes this yet so I haven’t bothered posting about it.

This happens to me too. I have yet to determine when or what causes it. In the Mac version has not happened.

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HEADS UP: the mappings above will not work properly with the new 49.36 firmware update from Reloop.


So… ATM are FXs filters only working via GUI on iPad/Computer?

@XEFER I’m not sure what you mean by FX Filters. Are you talking about Pad FX on the iOS touch screen?

Yep that’s what I meant. Is that only way to use FX since the FX knobs can’t be mapped yet?