Denon MCX 8000

When are you going to support the new Denon MCX8000?

I have tested Pioneer SX2, Pioneer XDJ, Denon MC8000 and Denon MC 7000.

Since I used Spotify I do not want deal anymore with Memory Sticks. Controller who support Memory Sticks are not interesting for me anymore. Djay Pro is handling Memorysticks better then every embedded Software on a controller.

I like screens but this lock me into a single Software vendor. I want use DJay Pro, Serato, Traktor and Virtual DJ.

The best Controller for me is Denon MC 7000 because he feel similar to Pioneer SX2 but with 2 USB, seperate channel for Mic,2 XLR Outputs and some more small details.

Do not wait. Nobody can tell you when Allgorithm will do this. I hope it will be soon that Denon MC 4000, MC 7000 and MC 8000 will be supportet.

If there is a native mapping, it run on Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad. You only need to copy the mapping file.

You will not get any comment from Allgorithm when a Denon Mapping is coming because Allgorithm is a small team and has a lot to do and can not give you a date.

I personally are waiting for a Denon MC 7000 Mapping. I hope we will get one this summer. It the best Controller on the market and very similar to Pioneer SX2

Djay Pro has a few very good features that glue customers to the App. That’s Spotify integration and clean user interface.

But the behavior of some features are no predictable, bugs are not solved over Months/Years and god selling Controller are not supported over months/years.


  1. Bug fixes
  2. fix non predictical behavior of existing features
  3. Allwas improve usability & Stability & Performance
  4. support god selling Serato & Recordbox Controller

Any updates… would like to buy djay pro but won’t until this is done… please!!!

Any updates???

Not happening anymore at this rate… MK2 will be out by the time they actually do anything

What about windows users?

No Windows though…

Why didn’t they just release it for both os then? Bit stupid?

I vote for the MCX8000 controller to be natively supported as well. Has there been enough support to get started on this yet. Is this something you all are working on?

The MCX8000 won DJ tech Magazine controller of the year. This really needs to be natively supported. It would be good for us DJ’s and good for Algoriddim. Win win.

I tried all the controllers at my local guitar center. This won hands down. Had intended to purchase a pioneer but for the money and what you get, you can’t beat the MCX8000. Matching the best controller with the best software, which in my opinion is Djay Pro, would be a match made in heaven. I may be forced to use Serato in the mean time though. I’m probably going to do the trial of Pulselocker, even though I know it’s not going to compare to Spotify.

I’m also working on a mapping for the MCX8000 for Djay pro, which will be enough to get by, but it’s just not the same as if it were natively supported. I’ll be sharing my mapping soon. Cheers

Dysfunk DJ please do your research before you make ignorant comments. The MCX8000 also functions as a stand alone unit with USB sticks. This is the reason this controller is far superior to anything else for the money. And to address your other point, Virtual DJ software has fully functioning MCX8000 native support with working left / right display screens so I think it’s possible for Algoriddim to do the same. As far as I’m concerned Djay pro with Spotify access is the best and way better than using Serato with Pulselocker or Virtual DJ with their streaming service.

Actually I’d just like to use my MCX8000 at home with Djay pro. I do think it’s only a matter of time before Spotify offers a DJ subscription for a bit more money though.

This is still a work in progress, but it may get you by until we get native support. Feel free to change things and re-upload different versions. I wasn’t able to figure out how to get the LED channel volume, the LED platter rings, the left / right displays, and the different levels of the Cue, Roll buttons ect. I even tried changing the code with no luck. Perhaps, Algoriddim can shed some light how to get that functionality working.

The MCX8000 MIDI command list can be found here on denon’s website:…

My MCX8000 mapping can be found here:…

Make it happen!!! Please.


^ You can map all that stuff yourself. I posted a mapping in this thread that you can download and use. I really need the stuff to work that requires under the hood coding like the multiple level buttons, LED ring platter, LED track volume levels, left and right screens. Not against a beta release with lesser functionality though, but my hope is that we get a Serato like experience with Djay pro and the MCX8000.

absolutely. This link has more info which can help if you want to customize my mapping further……

Basically, you’ll download my mapping and then just double click it in Finder to install it.