Device for Pre-cueing & Master Ouput on iPad

I bought a small, cheap DJ controller to give me the ability to hear the incoming track and output to a speaker but I only use the iPad interface to mix so the controller is mostly superfluous. Is there something available that I can plug in to the iPad that gives me headphones cue and an output for speaker so I don’t need the DJ controller hardware and can just use the DJAY PRO app interface? If the controller gets knocked, it can change settings/ mess up the mix and I’m only using it for the in/outputs?

What iPad is it? Does it have a headphone jack? Does it have Lightning or USB-C?

Very small audio interfaces for DJs seem to be a thing of the past. If your controller (what is it?) has master and headphone audio then you may as well stick with that.

Thanks for the reply. I’m using an iPad pro with type C

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Hi @Andrew_Hart, I’ve moved your discussion to a new topic as it’s not related to the topic you posted in.

You could use a DJ splitter cable in combination with the Apple USB-C to 3.5mm Headphone Adapter.

A splitter cable would only be mono though.

Yes, definitely mono. Outputting a mono signal in the DJ world is pretty common practice though.

For certain scenarios, yes - but we don’t know if Andrew is likely to encounter those. For home use, stereo would be preferable.