Disable keyboard shortcuts?

when using Djay for Mac I will mistakenly hit the s or d key or other similar keys. I am hoping for a way to disable keyboard shortcuts so i can prevent this from happening.


Discovered this last friday at a gig. The party wanted to dance so I had to fire up Djay Pro to play from Spotify.

Music was all over the place, gunshots were firing and stuff went crazy when I tried the search on Spotify. Not ok at all.

It’s a great feature, but I’m not sure I’m ever going to use it live again. I’d rather but the tunes from iTunes and play them in Traktor.

This NEEDS to be implemented, I was about to do my first gig live… quick test before & discovered when typing looking for a track I stopped a deck. It then happened again, later on. Back to Traktor for now…

Was hoping that by upgrading to DJay Pro that this option would be there, but looks like it’s not? Has anybody found ANY trick to get around the keyboard shortcuts so they don’t accidentally mess up songs?

Thanks for your feedback. I changed this into a feature request (= idea).

This is a serious problem for me. And has been happening more and more lately. I play a lot of weddings and for some reason it’s been happening more frequently recently. I have to type really slowly and make sure that the search box doesn’t deselect for some reason… otherwise anything could happen! Please fix. Thanks.

Too late. They lost me to Traktor. Djay is unusable in a real world situation. It’s a shame because other than the search glitch, it’s great software.

This is actually one of the prime reasons why at my gig tomorrow I’ll be using… Traktor. Oh well - just not quite ready for prime time yet.

This is one of the top reasons I returned the software but the company doesn’t really seem to care. I went back to Traktor, which is super customizable (and better used by professional DJs worldwide of course.)

Traktor has a lot, but you don’t need to USE everything, and you can turn off the display of a lot of the stuff you aren’t using. Honestly some of the flow seemed to work better with Djay but there are just too many problems and Traktor just works better. Including being able to turn OFF most of the keyboard shortcuts so I wouldn’t screw myself up by accident. Searching on Traktor is lightyears better too. Actually the older versions of Djay were better at search than the current version, which was next to useless in a real world situation.

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Is it possible to disable the keyboard shortcuts or change them? Background of the problem: from time to time you want to enter a title/artist in the ‘Search’ but you don’t selected the search window, then the shortcuts work and maybe set the song in an loop or restart them. (Using djay on a MacBook)

Hope we get soon a solution. I thing is a big problem!

This problem is the only reason still speaks against Djay. So please Algoriddim provides a solution!
An slider “turn off shortcuts” would be enough.

Already over two years. And still no solution! Mayer Algoriddim is not interested to solve this. Our money they already have…

Nothing new?

The hope dies last.
A small feature can solve this big problem…

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option to switch off samples.

Hi there,

Is there an option to switch off the sample bank?

I sometimes DJ on weddings and it is mostly rather disturbing for parties like that. So when I want to search for a song and I’m not correctly in the “search”-field it can happen that hitting a key on the Mac starts a sample. Therefore I’d like to have a function to switch it off. Solutions?



I completely got your points here. And I think about to switch to Traktor - but for differrent or let’s say additional reasons. But Traktor is for the needs of a typical wedding DJ way too overloaded.

I’m far from understanding coding software, but wonder anyway, what’s so tricky on switching on/off shortcuts. If you use a controller you actually don’t need keyboard shortcuts. I think many of you have the same problem: Using keyboard mostly for typing search terms. And if the cursor isn’t in the right place you fire accidentally shortcuts.

That brings me to my other topic: http://community.algoriddim.com/algor…

How’s your experience with the searching?

Please! This is a really small feature solving a really big problem!

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Is there any way to turn off the keyboard shortcuts in djay for Mac? There have been times when I accidentally pressed a key and it totally messed up what was going on!