Discount price not honoured! Total debacle!

I am a loyal customer of algoriddim and have been using the djay app with my pioneer controller for 3 years with much satisfaction. Early last year (January 2015) I came upon the djay Pro upgrade in mac store and decided to make the purchase at the price of $49.99 (40% off), as this seemed quite a reasonable offer. However after making the purchase I found that I had been charged full price by the mac store. Disgruntled that my 40% discount had not been applied
as stated, I wrote to mac store to inform them of my disappointment of this price discrepancy and asked if they could rectify this by applying the advertised discount and simply reimbursing me with overcharged excess. Soon after mac store replied with an apology and informed me that i would be reimbursed the amount full amount and i could keep the app upgrade. As they had not informed me why this course of action had been taken it led to me believe that this was some sort gesture of customer goodwill on their behalf for this mistake.
For the next 10 months I used day Pro and was able to make all upgrades from mac store and was extremely pleased and satisfied with app itself. However upon making another upgrade for the app a message from mac store informed me i was unable to do so as the app was not recognised as a purchase by me and that i would have re-purchase the app to make further upgrades. Perplexed and slightly miffed I recontacted mac store once again informing them of my current problem including the details of previous purchase history (as i have stated above).
Mac store replied saying that unfortunately ‘refunded’ apps were unable access upgrades (even though i was able to do so for 10 months prior) and that i would have re-purchase the app once again. Disgruntled i replied about the fact i was able to upgrade and also questioned them about the discrepancy regarding discount price offer as it was advertised at the time and a fair reason as too why it had not been applied to my initial purchase of day Pro. My last correspondence from them stated that the app would have to be repurchased and the issue of the advertised 40% discount price offer which had not been honoured and the full price i was subsequently charged for the purchase would have to be taken up with algoriiddim itself to be resolved?
WTF? I really like the product. Attracted by the discount offer i bought the product, The money left my account… For ten months I used he app, had full access to ongoing updates and was happy with its performance. Then somewhat blindsided by this debacle. Frustratingly I am now seeking an answer to the error of this dilemma. However some general bungling and might i say lapse in common customer courtesy usually extended by the seller and third party (mac store) has led me way down this track.
I hope good faith prevails in solving this matter and my ongoing customer loyalty is reciprocated in return of a fair resolve.
Kind regards,

Lloyd Delphin

Lloyd, with all due respect, you are complaining over $40.

That is about 20 minutes work.

I am GLAD to pay good money for a good program. I would be on your side if you complained about paying money and there is no support, no updates, etc. but complaining over $40 is kind of petty.

Lloyd, then you are just cheap.

All this over a discount of 40%. How cheap can you be?

What happens when you buy REAL professional software that costs $300 or more… you will really be crying them.

Cheap dj’s!! And they wonder why their clients don’t want to pay any money!

Cheap DJ!

Lloyd, do you honestly think I care what a cheap ass dj’s thinks of me? I don’t.

You are a VERY lonely person Lloyd. No family, no life…

I agree Dave! Karma is a BITCH and Lloyd is about to get hit with it!

I agree. I was over the line. It’s time to start concentrating on making the software better and not belittling my fellow dj’s.

Lloyd, my apologies for being a jerk. We should be working together to make this software great, not against one another.

Is that why you said this “getting freaky with that super cheap broad you pictured with.”

I apologized, so should you!

No problem. That IS the Aussie way, after all.

I just find it funny that you say this, AFTER you personally attacked me and my family.

"They should also refrain from assumption, personality hacking regardless of the topic and show restraint in expressing inflammatory personal opinions. "

After looking at your facebook page, there are SO MANY personal attacks I could have launched against you but chose not to.

Re-thinking that for sure.

Karma… it’s gonna hit you like a brick!

Have a GREAT day Lloyd!

Hope you get that discount you wanted!

I really wish algoriddim would remove you from their forum. You are nothing but a naysayer. I’ve never seen you post anything positive or helpful. You are always disrespectful to people. I don’t see how you consider yourself professional and if being a complete twat makes a person professional I never want to be considered “professional”.

I am a little confused here. The normal price is $49.99 and it is still $49.99 as we speak. If you were going to purchase it then for $49.99 just purchase it now for that price.… There is no way in hell you should be getting the current version/s for free.

Notice that says preview. The reason I chose to link that is because if I show actual Mac Store page it will not show price as I have it installed already.

The price is $49.99 whether you can grasp this or not.

Notice on the top of the page it says “Mac App Store Preview” … Why do you suppose it says that?

I am seeing now that this is nothing more than lack of knowledge.

Other than your pisspoor attitude toward others give me one way I could have possibly known you are not from anywhere but the states.

MAYBE you should have mentioned the price you paid OR where you live SOMEWHERE in your little sob story above???

I will say I am 100% happy things are not going your way and if I had to guess you are in store for much more disappointment.

Can’t tell where you are from by looking at your profile but I can tell you joined the forums FIVE days ago… yeah you’re gonna do great things here I can tell.

I am sure Algorridim will be addressing your issue any day now. You are such a deserving person afterall. A total model and productive community member I mean just look at your forum activity. Who wouldn’t want you around? Things like these ALWAYS sort themselves out. Maybe it is Darwinism maybe, karma, maybe just DUMB luck. Who knows?

This is all the time you are getting out of me and I wish you luck as clearly you need it.

Hey guys,

please note that this forum is for sharing ideas, requests and problems with other djay users in a friendly and helpful way. So please guys work together not against each other.

Thank you and keep it up.

Lukas E.

deejay dave… before you go shooting ya lip get with the program. Theres a difference between iTunes store and the mac store. I suggest if ya gonna chime in on what I’ve got to say, then you;
A: Learn how to read and absorb information.
B:Be sure of the the facts jack!
C Keep your two cents so ya momma can change her name by deedpol!
D Get back under you rock!

See ya wouldn’t wanna be ya!

Luscious la Vicious

And as for you djmagicmoment. You are totally misgiven if you think that the crux of my issue is the mere $40.00 then you are totally misgiven. I merely felt compelled to convey the matter and to highlight the quandary created, My decision to do this was to take a stance based upon a greater principal issue at hand as opposed to a petty gripe over a few lousy bucks as you suggest.

Let us hope that our paths never cross as I would surely have impart you with a special magicmoment of my own if annoy to give some true relevance to your poxy name.

Its been a pleasure treasure no bugger off ya pleb!

knobhead what country are you in? I don’t suppose you taken into account that i reside in oz and the currency exchange rate as the mac store i’m looking at clearly says the full cost is $79.99! Step off get a life!