Display "time/bars to next cue point" to make lining up easier

It would be awesome if lining up tracks before special parts would be easier. For this, a “how many bars/how much time until my next set cue point” would be phenomenal. It could be displayed right on the cue points, for example, or next to the time display (see my mockup for an example, the neon-blue “Text” fields would display that time)

Let’s say I want to do the “switch at the drop” technique but want to tease it a little bit beforehand so I want the tracks aligned like 30 seconds before the drop already. Right now, I have to either prepare two cue points beforehand to make lining up the drops easy, or, when I want to do it on the fly, I have to guess how much time until the drop and then adjust via the “Skip” functionality.

There have been similar suggestions in the old forum that I am linking here:

  1. Add a bars or timer until next cue
  2. Perfect Transitions Every Time: Cue Point "Mating" Feature - #10 by adomanim1

+1 Great feature request

+1 really nice idea! I defenitely support this feature request.

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Thank you for the nice mockup and the feature suggestion.

Please feel free to also vote for the feature by hitting the vote button :slight_smile:

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Don’t have anymore votes :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

+1 vote for this great idea.

+1 vote up! Really very handy suggestions. Please implement them.

I would like to push this topic once more. From time to time, I get to play on an XDJ-RX3 and it has this functionality. It doesn’t go as far as my suggestion, it only shows the remaining bars until the next cue point. This is still tremendously useful and I would love to have the same in djay. Revising my first post here, I think bars or beats make a lot more sense than time especially if both decks run at different speeds.

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Hi @djjoejoe,

Thank you for continuing to push this feature suggestion.

As always, I will make sure that this gets sent over to our dev team for continued review.

Have a good day!