DJ Connect w/ Djay2 iOS11 not working


Seems like the Griffin/Algoriddim DJ Connect interface is broken in iOS 11.
Is there a fix on the way?

To clarify:

Djay doesn’t even recognise the DJ Connect…

But in other news: Djay now recognises my old iMic that was killed by iOS 8. However, I can choose it as output but no sound comes out of it…

What is a MOD-35614?

Now, that’s quite crappy… Would like to hear what Algoriddim has to say… After all the DJ Connect has their logo as well on it…

Anyone tried iOS 11.1 yet?

Not working on my iPad either :frowning:

Still haven’t heard from Algoriddim… No reply to email to the email either…
I remember when Algoriddim were super responsive and active… those were the days…

So word from Algoriddim is just that it’s not working… nothing about trying to fix it or if they are in talks with Apple or anything…

Yup, same thing here, found out at a gig and had to do two nights in a row with no pre-cueing…

I also just want some small interface, for me one additional out would be enough if I could use the iPad’s headphone out at the same time like you used to… I always connect to a DJ mixer at the venue… want to keep it light so I can bring the setup also when not actually planning a gig in case one comes up…

Yay! Looking forward to trying it out!


All good it seems, iPad Air, iOS 11.2.5, latest DJay 2…

Ok, 11.3 is out. Please tell me it doesn’t kill the DJConnect again? Anyone tried it?

Hey Guys,

good news, the support of the DJ Connect is working again since iOS 11.2.1 or higher.

Please update your iOS version and you should be good to go :slight_smile:

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Lukas E.

Just made the same experience: DJ Connect doesn‘t work with iOS 11. that sucks

Received a reply that Apple has confirmed DJ Connect no longer works with iOS 11. No commitment from either to fix. Still no word it the AV split method words, although I suspect the splitter will but mono split only!

Sad that this issue is not addressed…along with the ability to mute all notifications without disabiling one by one.

Glad to hear! Thanks for working this.

Anyone know if DJ Connect works with iOS 12?

Since you updated to a newer version, I would like to add that my DJ Connect MOD-35614 doesnt works now after upgrading to High Sierra

in my iphone8 iOS11.1 not working ;(