DJ TechTools Midi Fighter 64 - Neural Mix / Serato STEMs Mapping

This is my answer to all the hype surrounding the new Serato STEMs implementation. Rows 3 and 4 of Bank 1 use a combination of Instant FX and Neural Mix to achieve a similar result to what Serato is doing.

The mapping files are stored on DJ TechTools mapping site: DJ TechTools - MidiFighter 64-Djay-Neural Mix

Please use the Midi Fighter Utility to enable 2 Banks mode on the MF 64 so that you have access to the Looper functions on Bank 2.

Most buttons have a Shift layer and are shown in Orange in the mapping key.

For the Neural Mix Instant FX 6, 7 and 8 you can select your own options for Drums and Vocals within Djay, but these are the settings that I found work best:

To change the Instant FX settings in Djay do the following:

  1. Switch to Instant FX mode
  2. Select the pencil icon in the top right
  3. Select the 3 dots next to the FX you want to change
  4. Scroll down near the bottom in the Neural Mix section and select the desired Instant FX.

Here’s the MIDI Mapping Key: