DJay 2 and Djay Pro fail to load Spotify

I have a Spotify premium account and I am using a Apple Ipad Air. Djay 2/Djay Pro is not loading or loading very slow from Spotify. I get the same using Pacemaker. Songs from other playlists are loading very fast.

Steve, is it working ok without the controller? As you mentioned you just bought a new one so has the problem only started since you began using the controller?

Same problem here

I was having this issue for the first time today. Some tracks loading immediately and others just spinning.
I went into the settings cog on djay2 > library > logged out of Spotify.
Then I went to load a new track in the usual way > selected Spotify library > logged in to Spotify afresh.
All seems to be ok now…the tracks not working earlier are loading straight away.

I’m connecting via Home WiFi. I am guessing the issue is that sometimes we have to refresh our logon credentials for security, caching etc. I log in direct using my Spotify logon.
I could be wrong but I thought djay only worked with Premium Spotify accounts, and i get the same issue with a few tracks (very small amount) which are ok on Spotify but must have some other copyright so are not permitted to be ”djay’ed”

Weird one. Different to mine where they loaded initially but then just span and span.
I take it that you have logged out of Spotify in the library settings area on dj2 and then logged in again when going to load a track?
Maybe you need to log into your main Spotify account to see if something is up there, or it works fine outside of dj2?

Hi guys,

is Spotify the only media source which is causing loading issues?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Thank you all for your informations, so far there is no user having the problem with a Mac am I right?

Steve said his iPad is running with 4G, is the problem persisting with a Wifi connection?

Lukas E.

Hi guys,

thank you for your updates. We know that this is frustrating and we are doing everything we can in order to find the cause of this issue.

So far it is hard to see a pattern as Users reported the issue on different devices.

Do you guys receive a Spotify Error after a while?

Lukas E.

I’m having this issue on my MacBook Pro as well. Sometimes the djay pro cannot connect to spotify at all. I can’t get it to play from playlists downloaded for offline use during this “cannot connect” time. If I am connected to spotify I can generally play 1 song, but if I search for and try to load another song I will get a never ending beach ball that cannot be resolved without restarting the entire software program. So during a set at a nightclub I’ve had to use my phone into the mixer to play music until I can go back to my set. It is simply unacceptable and it’s happened multiple times.

Error: Time-out loading track information.

Track keeps loading (spinning), at Deck 1 & Deck 2.
Same problem with DJ Pro 1 & DJ Pro 2 @ Mac OS at Mac Book Pro.

Also logging out from Spotify (I think this has to do with clearing browse history of Google Chrome).

It looks like after a update of Mac OS, DJ Pro now contains bugs.

That’s what also happens to me at a big party! I no longer trust Dj Pro, maybe the trust come back…

Yes you are right this is the solution. But is not stable.
Restarting of DJ Pro 1 or 2 did not solve the problem.
(I switched back to DJ Pro 1, but have the same issue)
But some time later it happens again.

I login to Spotify with Facebook account. When i login (to Spotify in DJ Pro), i see under the login form an option: “Stay login in”. Then when i choose this option and login, a Cookie is placed at my computer.
When i clear my browser cache, that cookie is deleted (i think).
And after some time the Facebook login session is expired and logout.

I develop websites and clear my browser cache a lot.

The other side:
I think that other customers, don’t choose that option: “Stay login in”…and don’t clear the browser cache. So the login session is expired.

I was thinking that Spotify is not the best solution for live on stage. Maybe is Apple Music better on Mac OS. Because of other type of authentication.

How is everybody logged in to Spotify?
With Facebook account, e-mail account or Google account?

And set the option: “Stay logged in”? Under the login form.
If you don’t set this option, your Session will Expire.

(I see this option when i login with Facebook to Spotify)

Lukas i have this problem at my Mac Book Pro. But i don’t think it is the wi-fi connection.

And how was everybody connected to internet? With Wi-Fi or LAN?

Since the latest version of DJ Pro 2 for Mac OS v2.05, i did not have this problem anymore. I can’t remember, but i don’t trust it…

I have to use the software for more then 5 hours i think, to reproduce.
Then the software become unstable.

Did you also get this error at the display: “Error: Time-out loading track information.”?

Maybe a router DNS problem…the router where i was connected to via Wi-Fi was Netgear Nighthawk R7000. I know that the person where the router is from, is not updating the firmware of the router. (If it works, it works, and don’t update…)