Djay 2 cannot connect to spotify

Hi there,

I purchased djay 2 and wanted to connect it with spotify (I have a regular account).
Whenever I want to login to spotify (in djay 2) I get an error message: “Login failed! Cannot connect to spotify!”

Any Ideas how to fix that?

Greets Patrick

Same problem here

I was in the middle of a set and got disconnected from Spotify, couldn’t log back in. Incorrect format error. Any ideas ?

So is there a fix for this? It’s been 3 years. Can I get my money back from the app sense it can’t do the only thing I wanted it for?

It seems like it’s only on the Facebook Spotify sign in can’t even signup to Spotify throughly the Facebook login. The app hasn’t been updated since May.

HI Patrick,

Please note that Spotify integration in djay 2 requires a Spotify Premium account.…

This is a Tmobile problem error 8

This didn’t work for me. Generated the password through Facebook and tried using both my Facebook email and the Spotify number (device username in my Spotify account details) as usernames along with the generated password and it still says incorrect username or password

I am getting the same error and your fix did not work

Tride all of the above mentioned ideas and non are working waiting on spotify to get me a mobile login email witch is cliched to :frowning:…
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[self performSegueWithIdentifier:@“HomeSegue” sender:nil];

Hi Patrick
I had the same problem after changing from iphone 4 to 5 with icloud…
just reinstall the app and it connects o spotify again!
hope that works for you aswell…
Greetings Anders

Please get yourself the latest djay 2 update. We did a lot to fix the log-in issues. Let us know if the problem persists.

i have a premium account but everytime i open up the djay 2 app it says spotify login error user needs a premium account (15)

Hi Patrick Salas,

we are very sorry that you had to to go through this work around in order fix the problem.
At the moment we are investigating the problem and are trying our best to fix the Spotify Facebook issue as fast as possible.

Patrick, could you tell us under which djay version, device and operating system the problem occurred?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Hi there,

please follow these steps:

  1. login to Spotify at
  2. select “Set device password”
  3. set a password
  4. use the given username and the password to login to Spotify within djay (do not select login via Facebook)

Let me know if this is working for you.

Lukas E.

Hi Josh Ernst,

if you’re unable to set up a device password through your accounts overview page, it’s possible to do it within Facebook. The below steps should help:

Head to

Select Security

Select App Passwords

Click Generate App Password

Enter your current Facebook password and click Submit

Enter Spotify, and Facebook will automatically generate a password for you. You can use this with your Facebook email address to log in to Spotify on any device

We got feedback of other users that this procedure fixed the problem, please contact us right away if this is not helping.

Lukas E.

Hi Leonard Amurao,

thank you for your feedback.

Can you log in to Facebook in Safari and connect your iPhone to your local Wifi?
Now try to log in to your Spotify account again and please contact us if it did not work.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi Beau Bryant,

thank you for your feedback.
We are trying to provide a fix as fast as possible
Please make sure to be connected to your local Wifi in the whole procedure.

Thank you for your understanding.

Cheers,Lukas E.