Djay 2 cannot connect to spotify

Hi Job zimzam,

do you have a Spotify premium account?

Lukas E.

Hi Cody Schroeder,

is this problem persistent? Have you tried logging into Spotify via your Browser or the Spotify app?

Lukas E.

Hey there,

this has nothing to do about the mentioned changes by Spotify with certain DJing softwares.

Hey guys,

first off I am very sorry that this is around for so long.
We are doing all we can in order to find a solution to “Error 8” and we are doing progress.#

We will let you know immediately if there are news.

Hi Stev, 

there could be several things not working. 
Please check if your internet connection is stable, if you can log into the Spotify app or even try another alternative network connection.

Sigh all these problems posted few months ago. I am newbie and sadly, this issue is still unresolved… Can’t load from Spotify. The main juice of this app that stands out from every other dj app and it doesn’t WORK!!
Iphone6. Uptodate OSS
Spotify premium.

Hav DJ 2 for iPhone and Primium Spotify Account… Try reinstalling, deleting old sessions, changed my FACEBOOK password that I use to authenticate to Spotify to no avail, it still didn’t work!!!

Don’t even bother it is just a filthy software bug!

Here is the solution, I had to go to the extreme of canceling my existing Spotify Premium Account and started a new use that instead of using FACEBOOK authentication it use your new user ID, or Email and new Password. That did the trick immediately. U hope that Adria-Employee can contact me to restore my lost playlist and customization – I had to spend hours trying to figure this out!!

Bad bad programming and QA testing!!!


Getting a domain error ~999 on my Iphone SE, used to use it on my ipad2 regularly no problem, any guesses as to a fix?

If he didn’t get back to you, I have the same problem. iPhone 6, version 2.8.2 of djay pro. I get the code “Log in Failed. The operation couldn’t be completed. (NSURLErrorDomain error -999.)”

Same problem here

I have the same issue

No it is not working for me, and I cannot imagine it is working for anyone else.

I have a premium account and that is the problem that I have to log in

i’m having exactly the same issue here, and tried every solution and it didn’t work. This is so frustrating

When I try using my Facebook credentials

This is the exact same thing that I am getting when trying to authenticate Djay Pro or DJay2 with my Premium Spotify account. Used to work flawlessly.
…please advise.

signed up to spotify with facebook, tried alot of trouble shooting.

  1. restarting app
  2. changing facebook password
  3. deleting app
  4. tried on data vs 3 different wifi networks

and i still get the same error.

Either there is no server, or the domain is incorrect.

What a waste of money, dont get why this is still an issue after 2 years of the app being out.

How can I connect Spotify to DJAY2 on my Iphone 6??.. I had all the upgrade on the applications. Please help. Thank you…

I already figure it out. Thank you… :slight_smile: