djay 2 crash on iOS 8.1 on iPhone 4S

djay 2 crashing on iOS 8.1 (iPhone 4S) after 1 minute of playing. In the crash log it says the application is set to use max. 80% of the processor and the crash reason is that it uses 84% for over 60 seconds.

Thanks for the crash reports. Our developers are looking into it.

I’m pretty sure that we do not set any CPU limit in the app at all. The limit is most likely imposed by the system.

Hi Alin, don’t give up quite yet. This doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything to fix this. Our developers are already looking into this issue.

I have this problem, too, on my iPad! I have sent multiple crash reports and still no fix! This issue makes me want to throw my iPad straight into cinderblock wall!

iOS 8.1.1 was released today. Let me know if the problems are fixed. Remember: my problem is that djay crashes after a few minutes with the screen locked.


Still not working for me on my iPad with iOS 8.1.1. Crashed at 84% cpu.

There are NO alternatives to this app. Pacemaker does not have automix and its developers don’t want to add it. Spotify does not want to extend its crossfade time beyond 12 seconds. Apple does not want to fix the over-the-limit cpu usage with iOS 8.

I tried to enlighten them, but maybe they don’t want to be enlightened.

If I keep the screen on and drain my battery faster, then there is no crash.

I am on 8.1.1 on my iPad.

I was able to play djay in the background for over an hour without a crash. I was looking at a CPU usage graph in the System Status app. The highest CPU usage happens just after a new track starts playing and the next track after that has not been analyzed. The CPU usage spiked just under 80% and sometimes went over that much for a couple seconds. So, I am not entirely convinced it is safe for me to play djay with the screen turned off. I am pretty sure the CPU load limit for djay is still set to 80%; can’t that limit be increased?

Well? Can’t the CPU load limit be increased?

If what Alin said is true, then we will need to use nonviolent force to get Apple to respond to these issues. Get friends to send complaints about this to Apple every day until they respond.

Algoriddim replied to my email and asked me to send them a crash report. I hope they’ll do something about djay 2 for our older devices. I don’t like this problem, especially since i didn’t have any problem with djay 2 on iOS 7.1.2. It seems that this iOS 8 is more resource demanding and it bursts the CPU overlimit in many cases. The problem overall is that the apps are still set to a certain CPU load limit and now they’re crashing because our devices go over that limit with iOS 8. I found a lot of crash reports with the same excesive resource issue.

I honestly don’t know what to think anymore. Since i updated to 8.1.1, i had the same problem, crashing after 1 minute with the screen locked. Since the last update of djay 2 from a few days ago, it doesn’t crash anymore, played a ~1h30m podcast and it went well. Maybe it will crash again with other mp3, i don’t know. I hope it won’t.

I updated the app today. I realy hoped it was the update i was waiting for to fix the app. Well, it isn’t :(. If the limit is set by the system as Warren said, then i’m dropping any hope that it will be fixed someday, because Apple will never respond to this kind of issues. I’m kinda mad right now, because they forced us to update the operating system on our older devices (even if i bought my iPhone 4S in April this year) and now we can’t enjoy some apps that we love, some apps that some amazing people worked hard to develop so we can enjoy them. So, i think this is it, we need to buy newer devices if we want djay 2 to run like before. Thank you very much Warren and the whole algoriddim team! You’re doing a great job developing these amazing softwares!

Hi WARREN, ~Identical problem: iOS 8.1 (iPhone 4S) after ~1-2 minutes of playing = quick static sound and crash. Sometimes djay seems to come-back with no files loaded, sometimes it doesn’t. NOTE: Am using very large mp3 files, 100s of MB, but never had an issue with it in djay 2 under iOS 7. Also, FYI, I just did a “clean install” of iOS 8.1 and my apps – not from backup – so I don’t have much garbage on there to conflict. To try to fix djay, I tried rebooting the iPhone, deleting and reinstalling djay 2, yet problem remains – VERY REPEATABLE. Zipped all my crash logs with 5 djay crashes and emailed them. Have iOS 8 installed only 1 day and 300% more crashes (not just djay) than in my crash logs running iOS 7 for a year!!! So, this is obviously another Apple-poor-testing-upgrade-fail. Yet, djay is the only place it’s affecting me. Please take a look. Thanks!

ADDITIONAL INFO - In addition to starting djay to play two mp3s simultaneously, I’m also pressing the sleep/wake button to turn off the screen. The crash then occurs 1-2 minutes later. IF I KEEP INTERACTING WITH DJAY, like set a cue once a minute – and/or it’s me just keeping the iPhone’s screen on and alive – the crash then DOES NOT OCCUR – the files keep playing no-problem in djay, for me anyway. It seems to me the conflict is some process gets invoked in iOS 8 and interferes with djay 1-2 minutes after the screen is turned-off. Again, I’m doing precisely the same activity with the same files as I did in djay in iOS 7 – where the crash didn’t ever happen. Thanks!

I think it’s working/fixed for me now, but I haven’t had time to do extensive testing. I can still get Djay to crash, but this is with a particular mp3 and I’m wondering if that mp3 isn’t somehow corrupt (although I can play it all the way through with Apple’s stock Music app). THANKS guys!

Sorry. Does it happen if you don’t allow the iPad to go to sleep, i.e. keep the screen on. When I was having the problem severely, if I KEPT THE SCREEN ALIVE, it didn’t happen. We may have two different issues…