djay 2 features for Mac users.... >:(

The features included in djay 2 (iPad & iPhone compatible) are far superior to those available through the Mac version of your software. I’ve been waiting for an update FOREVER… Can someone throw me a bone and tell me when I’ll be able to use the new features with my Mac + Vestax Spin controller?

Background: I’ve been loyal to the algoriddim brand since December 2010 - that’s 3 years - and since then, I’ve purchased two Vestax Spin units, the iPad & iPhone versions of your software, and the iDJ Pro unit that is compatible with djay 2. It is clear to me that the new features on a Mac would be the best alternative here. The iDJ Pro is pretty good, but DJing on my Mac allows me to download songs and ‘Refresh’ my library when I need to (when requests are made, for instance).

In all honesty, I feel that the exclusive availability of djay 2 for iPad & iPhone users is in blatant neglect of algoriddim’s most loyal customers. It’s a slap in the face to those who funded your company’s early success (by using the extremely basic Mac version that was offered at the time). Hire some more software junkies, put in some extra hours, do whatever you have to do to get that Mac version on the market pronto.

Sorry for the rant, but I feel strongly about this. PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY AND GIVE ME DJAY 2 FEATURES FOR MAC PRONTO

Desperately waiting for the new Mac Version. The longer I wait the higher my expectations.

  • 4 tables
  • video
  • spotify
  • all the cool features that are in the IOS versions.
  • other mind blowing features we haven’t thought of.

While I understand the want to push the iOS version however I would think that your flagship product should always be your desktop app. Which would get all the greatest features first then funnel down to the iOS apps.

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Well after fighting it. I have officially moved platforms and use Cross now. It has all the features I was hoping dJay would include. The only thing is it missing is the elegant interface. While I have things rocking under a new platform I still will consider moving back but that window is slowly closing. However if it take another 4 years to bring out a new update, I rather use software that is being regularly updated to keeps up the industry demands. m not a fan of the other DJ softwares because I feel they have interface bloat. Cross 1.5 which was released shortly before Djay 4 was. It had similar features minus the elegant interface. Since then cross has added preview ( not be confused with pre cue), sound cloud integration, 4 tables, syncable effects, video and slew of other small features. I relive the dJay has had some minor updates and small interface fixes since 2011.

So I will give Algoriddim till the end of the year or I will be force to completely commit to Cross.

My 2¢.

Where is the url for the teaser


I’m sad to say that it looks like dJay has gone the way of being toy software. No self respecting Pro DJ or even SemiPro DJ would use an Android or iOS device for gigs. You obviously have decided to ignore the customers whom the foundation of your company was built. I suspect that Algoriddim might be in their final days and the management is too arrogant to see this. The easiest way to destroy a structure is to destroying the foundation and it’s supports. In essence that what you are doing by prioritizing mobile platforms or desktop. All you do is patronize us, with we will see the benefits of the efforts of iOS. That statement has been made for nearly a year and I’ve seen nothing of the sorts other than minor updates (aka bug fixes). It looks like the only platform that has seen the benefits of iOS updates is the Android version.

This will be my last post on support forums because you obviously don’t care about your Mac users.


Todd Krause

Still can’t believe there have been no details of a Mac update. The company seem to be completely focused on iOS (and now Android as per the most recent teaser).

Could it be our prayers are finally about to be answered…

DJ Pro, coming December 18th (with an image of a MacBook)

Looks like they have finally delivered -

Android over Mac? *slow clapping*

The Android users will just download the SDK for free…surely you knew that!!? You’ve just opened DJay up to a world of spotty 13-year olds with minimal pocket money…not your target market I assume.

DJay on Mac is an embarrassing product…looks like something that was released 3 years ago…oh hang on…

Now you have nothing to do (except update the Android app every ten minutes) can you please come back down to earth and sort out DJay 2 for Mac. Please. Thank you.

djay Pro should have all the things you were looking for:

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your feedback and support. Your honest “rant” just shows us that you’re a true fan of djay and we really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Please rest assured that djay for Mac has not been abandoned and will surely benefit from the development and hard work that went into djay 2 for iOS.

I wish… A vacation would be really nice…


How I wish I could be on a beach right now…

djay for Mac is in the works and it’s going to be huge. However, as already mentioned, we have no date to give you and we’re really sorry for the long wait.

But you’ll see in due time that it was well worth the wait.

Last update from Algoriddim was 3 months ago on this subject where it said that the project was not abandoned.

I guess it depends on your timing… after 3 months with no updates… it’s abandoned.

No support for denon controller and no updates… I expected more.

FOUR MONTHS AGO was the reply.

I would doubt it… nothing for years now for Mac and no signs of anything new.

They are on vacation again so it may be a while, if ever.

(as he types from his lounge chair in the Bahamas)

Come on Warren… you’re not fooling us. It’s like the old PCDJ days when we would get a release every two years…

But concentrating on DJ software for iPhone, iPad… makes a ton of sense, since SO many dj’s use those devices to perform professionally… (that was the joke of the day, just so you know)

Warren has been spotted!