djay 2 iPad - tracks drift where djay 1 is fine

djay 2 seems to have a fundamental problem for me making it unusable.

I have two tracks playing in sync, and they quickly drift apart. Using the same files and mixing techniques in djay 1 it is fine. I do not have the tracks ‘locked’ using the sync button while both are playing - in this case they do not drift. But the auto sync does not match them the way I want to so I do it manually.

With one track playing, I load the 2nd, and hit the sync button to match the playback speed. Then I manually bring in the 2nd track and use the speed nudge +/- controls to match the tracks. At this point they are perfectly matched but immediately they start drifting apart.

You can see the drift visually in the new double-wavefrom scrolling view - the bar lines start separating immediately. Tthe speed match ‘sync’ button on the second track before starting playback is not quite getting the speed right. Ican manually get the tracks synced consistently by adjusting the speed - and then the two tracks are measured at 0.6 BPM apart in this case (it happens with many tracks though not just these two).

I have re-analysed my entire library in djay2 in case the embedded waveform analysis from djay1 was the problem.

Exactly the same procedure in djay1 results in perfectly matched tracks every time.

Personally, the better library browsing and cosmetic features retro-fitted to djay1 woud be perfect for me. An inability to measure BPM consistently is a serious issue!

The only other feature you need is the pitch adjust like on the Mac version.

Wow. This STILL hasn’t been fixed!?!?

I have noticed this too!! It is super frustrating and completely fucks up live sets.

If the bpms are “aligned” there is no reason to need sync lock to make sure they stay on beat. If they are playing at the same speed they should stay that way.

This is a new problem in DJAY 2, which is incredibly serious and needs to be fixed. I’m curious if it has more to do with the new Analyze Library function, as I’ve been able to manually match some of the songs I had trouble with, but at different BPMs.

Ex. A song that was drifting away I was able to get pretty close by putting Songs A at 125.3 bpm while song B was at 125.0 bpm

I know it’s absurd that what made DJay 1 so solid is missing in DJay 2. All the added features are great, but what’s the use of pretty aesthetics if the foundation is damaged

I was going to write a response but it would have been exactly this, so I concur.

Hi Alex,

If you wish to keep the tracks in sync, then you need to activate the “Perfect Sync” mode. If the songs don’t align/match the way you’d like, you can easily readjust this by setting the downbeat of the song(s) to a different position.
The Perfect Sync mode always aligns the downbeats, so all you need to do is make sure that the yellow lines are set where you need them.

Please kindly answer the following questions to help us investigate this problem:

  • Do I understand you guys correctly that the same songs synced properly with djay 1 WITHOUT having to readjust by pitch-bending, but not with djay 2 using “Perfect Sync”?

  • Was “High Precision Analysis” enabled in djay 1?

  • Also, please name examples (and where to purchase them) of the affected songs.

If the songs are only aligned once and not locked, then they can start to drift apart at some point due to precision limits.

Thanks for the reply Alex.

Hi Everyone,

In case you haven’t done so already, please kindly send an email to and provide information regarding the songs, with which this problem occurs.


Same question as above: are you using Perfect Sync?

Same question as above: are you using Perfect Sync?

Yes, pressing the sync button twice activates perfect sync.

Automix always tries to use perfect sync if “Auto-Sync BPM” is enabled in the Transition settings.

Sorry you feel that way, though I’m afraid there’s a misunderstanding. I wasn’t asking for more information on how to reproduce the problem, but rather songs with which this problem occurs.

Please note that track analysis is a highly complex process and these problems seem to only occur with certain songs. This is the reason why we’re collecting problematic songs.

I just tried those songs with no problems.

Here’s what I did:

  • Load and play both songs
  • press sync on Back 2 Basics (now Perfect Sync is activated)
  • press sync again to deactivate Perfect Sync
  • wait…

I know you said do not use Perfect Sync but I only used it to ensure that “bringing it in” will be exactly on beat.

Also, is there a reason why you’re not just using Perfect Sync?

Hmm. Maybe the file format. Which format are your songs in?

Our developers are still looking into this. We’re coming closer to the cause for this issue and we’re positive that we can find a solution.

Hi Paul,

To enable “Perfect Sync”, all you need to do is tap the sync button twice. If the songs don’t line up correctly then you just need to readjust the downbeat.

  1. go to the waveforms view
  2. tap the “pen” icon in the bottom right corner
  3. count the beat and press “Set Grid” on “1”.

The button does not glow as on iOS but it should have a blue border around the button when active. Is this not the case?

Is there an icon that looks like a beatgrid? Tap this icon instead and you should see the “Set Grid” option there.