djay 4.0.3 (iOS)

iOS update! Looks like macOS is following but not yet up in macStore
July 18, 2022

djay 4.0.3

  • NEW: Added support for Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7 and DJM-S5
  • NEW: Added support for selecting multiple tracks in the media library to manage playlists and perform actions on multiple tracks
  • Improved DVS accuracy and added option to change audio buffer size for scratch performances
  • Improved access to media library sort and filter actions without having to scroll to the top of the list
  • Improved support for RANE ONE controller and Pioneer DJ DDJ-S7 mixer
  • Added support for playlist folders in Music library source
  • Added MIDI action to toggle split audio/video crossfader
  • Fixed instant double behavior when using DVS
  • Fixed searching for playlists in My Collection returning incorrect results
  • Fixed smart playlist not updating when editing a track’s BPM
  • Fixed issues with certain DJ controllers when screen locks or after returning from background
  • Fixed Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 and DDJ-SX3 performance pad issues
  • Various bugfixes and improvements

Playlist folders! Finally! :heart_eyes:

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Awesome update!

Just wondered if I’m doing anything wrong on the REV7 as the displays on the controller say no audio drivers found.
Should there be wave forms?


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Update showed up in the macOS App Store. Thank you Algoriddim Team, great update!

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Any Rane One users experiencing any issues/glitches after updating to 4.0.3?

Hi team,
I did a quick test regardant instant double behaviour and it is working fine now ! Great job!!!
:+1: :+1: :+1:
I will test it more deeply in the next days.

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I still haven’t actively tested the update. But it looks like some of the problems have been solved. From what I noticed - there is a problem with the indicator for switching performance pads when exiting sleep mode or rotating the screen. the device selector still doesn’t work and the cue mixer buttons don’t sync with the interface if the app for some reason activates them on its own, for example based on the crossfader position.

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Hi, This new sort feature does not work neither on iOS (iPad and iPhone) nor on MacOS (MacMini).
Cheers, Jonas

P.S. I see I have two Media Library files on my iPad
Does that affect the update somehow? Should I delete one?

I haven’t updated as yet as I have a gig on Friday night and don’t want to discover any surprises…

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The update is good but what happen to match, still will not match your own library. Well let me correct that, you’ll get about 4 or 5 matches then it stop? I love match when im doing a set cause sometimes it will pull up songs you haven’t thought about

It’s smart. You don’t need to upgrade if you don’t have a backup plan in case something goes wrong. Good luck on the gig!

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Thanks, I have made that mistake before in the past and got caught out with a glitch that was thankfully resolved…
The night was great and went without a hitch, booked for 4 hrs and they asked me to play an extra 2hrs…


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Hi @Rob_Peach_Mellor,

Welcome to the Algoriddim Community. :headphones:

At the moment, the Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7 jog wheel screens aren’t supported on djay. We appreciate the feedback, and I’ll pass it internally to our team for future developments. Thanks again for reaching out!

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Hey @DJ_Boum_Boum,

I haven’t been able to reproduce these not working. You should be able to access the sort and filter options without scrolling to the top of the list with a slight downward finger drag on the playlist. Please reach out to our Support Team via email if you need individual support with this. Thanks!

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Hi Emily,

Thanks for your reply. Tested upward finger movement, did not work. Tested downward and then it works! Great!

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When we gonna see the support for djm-S9 with the iOS version as alot of djs having djm-s9 as clubs too

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The S9 is not class compliant. iOS devices can only work with class compliant devices. Neither algoriddim or apple can solve this.
Maybe Pioneer can update their S9 firmware, but I don’t count on it as the S7 en S11 are out now (which are class compliant)