RANE ONE glitches since 4.0.3 update

I’m having a huge issue at a live show right now I am super frustrated. While plugging in my Rane one controller to djay pro on the new 14 inch MacBook…… the whole controller is glitching with the lights turning on and off, on the plus the sound is off as well. Turning off and resetting everything doesn’t work and I’m lost with options I’m so confused. Please fix this now!!! Before the update as well, Deck A filter knob is also glitchy and doesn’t work well. What’s going on with this app nothing seems to be working well please fix this now

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I have two iPads, a Gen4 and the Gen9, I use the Gen9 with my Rane One and keep the Gen4 as a emergency backup,
So I updated the Gen4 to 4.0.3 to ‘Test’ the new version and I’m experiencing the same thing as well although I haven’t noticed any problems with the Audio,

My issues is the Rane Cue pads seem to reset themselves and go from the various colours that they are assigned to and go to as if the ipad isn’t connected which is all light green…
It seems to do this whenever I push the Track select knob…
I thought it could be a problem with my ipad and I updated to the latest iOS version as well but now reading about your issue, it looks like it is a glitch with 4.0.3 and the Rane One…
I haven’t updated my Gen9 iPad yet and won’t until Algoriddim sort it out…

Any other Rane One users experiencing the same issue after the latest Update?

What’s ironic is the notes in the latest Update refer to “Improved support for Rane One controllers”
Instead it appears to have made problems that weren’t previously there.

Hi All,

I’ve moved your posts over to this new Bug Reports thread to better manage and investigate these issues with the RANE ONE and the latest djay Pro AI update (4.0.3).

Our team is investigating the issue you both reported with the lights turning on and off, and I’ll keep you updated about that.

@Afshyn_Jinnah - For the other problems you reported, could you please provide more details about what occurred? It would be helpful to understand step by step what led up to the issues, and what exactly you expected to happen as well as what actually occurred. Could you please tell us a bit more about:

  1. The sound being off. Were you ever able to get the audio set up? Or did it not work at all? Could you tell us a little more about the actual audio connections you were using?
  2. Deck A filter knob acting glitchy and not working well. Could you describe this in more detail?
  1. When I plug in the controller to my laptop, the colour of the buttons stay turquoise and then start flashing. While this is happening also the lights of the master volume light reader is cutting off from the lights as well. When I plug in my headphones into the cue, while the lights are flashing going off it results in the sound of the songs clipping when the lights are flickering.

  2. Deck A has a glitchy response and isn’t smooth, same with the volume rockers for Deck A & B, and the crossfader. The filter knob is not smooth while it works. while i go from neutral to a low fi filter while i’m fading downwards it randomly cuts down further and cuts off all the sound for the song and while i’m still going down it catches back up and sounds off.

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Has this been fixed yet ?

This is so frustrating honestly, this issue that you guys have created made me spend $40 for an upgrade to get my iPad working. And on my iPad everything works fine, honestly better then my laptop which is why i got the new m1 pro for djay pro so I wouldn’t be having any of these issues.

Bring back the last update I have an event coming on the weekend and I need everything working in order. Doesn’t seem that way, might have to switch using programs. Like what is honestly going on… something like this has never happened in the 6 years of using this program. WTH

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This is more than frustrating and really annoying.
I was in the same boat as you last week and luckily I tested the new update with my spare/backup ipad as I too had a gig last Friday night.

Algoriddim, we have said this multiple times in the past, Pleas stop using your paying subscribers as Guinea pigs for your updates, and if you do choose to, at least leave us the option to be able to roll back to the previous update…

The latest Update was supposed to include “improved support for Rane One controllers, yet not only has it not fixed the Search/loading glitch that was introduced with the 4.0.1 update, this latest update has created even more issues…

I am so scared I have three events on the weekend not too sure what i’m supposed to do. I can use an iPad but there’s something about a laptop. thats way better.

These community posts don’t even work to getting the help we need to have this resolved ASAP. What a waste of my time talking to myself about an issue Djay has caused me. Also the crossfader and volume rockers for A and B also glitch and haven’t been smooth like serato. The developers should open serato and try it out and realize on why thats the #1 djing software tool. We need a program we can trust on and rely, not some flimsy china product that could explode. Now i’m scared to update my app every time there’s improvements, tried again today to try use my laptop but it doesn’t want to work.

You know whats messed up then maybe my iPad has not updated to the new Djay pro this has to be fixed before Thursday this is insane to get no response from anyone. wheres the staff at yeo emily where are you running away to

I feel your pain, these updates are like a boobytrap.
I can only say that try using the ipad and see if you like it, and don’t update anymore until others have confirmed that all’s good

Hi @Afshyn_Jinnah,

Thanks for sharing the additional information about the issues you’re experiencing with the RANE ONE and djay Pro AI on Mac. I’m sorry to hear about the trouble here, and I can understand your frustration.

I’ve reported these to our development team, and we hope to have a resolution soon. I’ll keep this thread updated accordingly.

I’d also like to address a couple of other items you’ve mentioned. Unfortunately, after updating your djay version to the latest version available in the App Store, there’s no way to revert to the previous version of djay. That said, I’ll pass along yours and @maurizio_T’s feedback about such a possibility to our team to see if anything can be improved in this respect in the future. Please note that in general, all sales and app distribution is handled by the App Store, so this would be governed by their policies.

Lastly, I understand your frustration. But please know that our team takes all feedback seriously and we do our best to fix bugs that come up and implement user feedback as quickly as possible. On that note, we’d appreciate if you could keep the conversation here on the Community as respectful as possible, even if you are frustrated. This allows us to continue the conversation in a productive manner. For more information about this, please see our Community Guidelines.

Thanks again for the additional information, and I’ll keep this thread updated as soon as possible.

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Appreciate the prompt reply Emily but there was talk earlier on regarding Beta Tester’s… I really think Algoriddim should seriously look into this as to be honest, whilst the App was free in the past, now that it’s not and people are paying for a service that they are not receiving…

Once again I appreciate you coming on and taking the heat of our frustration…


For now, I’ve stopped using Djay and have gone back to using Serato with Rane One and Prime Go as a backup.

Professional tools are those that you can rely on at any time. At the moment Djay is too unpredictable

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woah, everybody cool their jets. the problem isn’t a general one, just a problem with the RANE controllers and the current dJay version.
If a fix hasn’t been pushed yet, and rolling back isn’t possible, what about using a different controller?
can affected users do that for yourselves while the devs figure things out? so everybody can continue working?

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It appears to be affecting other controllers as well, Pioneer DDJ-WeGo4 is one of them…
I and others have paid quite a lot of money for the Rane One and up until a few days ago, it was working fine…

Djay Pro is also a subscription based platform which Rane One Users are paying for as well,
Asking us to switch controllers isn’t the ideal fix for some…

I mean if I bought a BMW, and there was a glitch with the car, I surely wouldn’t want BMW to tell me to use a Ford until we work this out…

This is something that worked fine a few days ago and now with the latest release doesn’t,
Algoriddim should immediately re release the previous version whilst they are working on a fix, That way Rane users can go back to the way it was before whilst other users can keep going with the new version…

That’s a logical an easy solution for me which doesn’t affect anyone…


I’m screwed for the weekend thanks djay pro AI amazing stuff. Way to ruin my $3000 laptop, $2000 controller and everything to go with it. This is effecting my career what are you doing. Emily all you saying is that we will have a resolution soon, soon means the next update which isn’t going to be in a few weeks. Do you actually think i’m born yesterday, you are making my equipment not usable. I need an update ASAP not soon, stop trying to calm us down and find a solution i’m done with these forums they serve no purpose. You are telling me I bought a rane one controller that is compatible and advertised with DJAY Pro and now it’s not working due to some update, thats almost laughable to think to myself. Get your stuff together and if you are trying to calm us down do a better job of it. Soon isn’t going to cut it, my next live event is thursday,friday and saturday and if I can’t perform I am out thousands of dollars and thats something you wont insure me for. So whats the update??? Its also funny that I just paid for the djay pro AI subscription whose going to cover me for my personal costs??? exactly no one so be more understanding emily…

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Sorry to hear about all your troubles. Sounds like it’s painful. For future peace of mind:

  1. Always have a backup - for every piece of gear and software.
  2. Don’t change your working setup until you’ve thoroughly tested new updates.

In the end you have to take FULL responsibility for your system working properly - nobody else can do that for you.


I agree with @Michael_Wisniewski, but I also fully sympathize with everyone else here. I too have been burned more than once by updates making Djay unusable with a gig coming up. I’ve also had last minute hardware failures that had nothing to do with the software.

My workflow now consists of always creating a full system backup on iOS and macOS before upgrading to the latest version of Djay. I also only update one system at a time and test it out first. Normally I will update my iPhone first and test it out for a day before updating my iPad. I also keep at least one device, normally my MacBook, running the older version so I can quickly switch to it if necessary. I never update my main system before a gig and I also have backup hardware.

I realize that not everyone has 3 systems to work with, multiple controllers and this is probably overkill, but this puts me in full control instead of the other way around. It would be great if we could rely 100% on Algoriddim to fully beta test the software before release, but the reality is that there are a lot of different system and hardware configurations out there across their user base. Testing every possible combination isn’t very realistic for a small company like Algoriddim; they don’t have massive resources like Apple or Google. This is why I think the best solution is to take control of it yourself. Especially if DJing is your profession. Anyway, this is what works for me and I hope it’s helpful…