Djay 5.0 messed up my beatgrids.

I play a lot of Latin Salsa songs spent a lot of time beatgriding my songs. Now with this 5.0 update it messed up the beatgrids on alot my songs. And now I can’t set the beatgrids to the way they were. Before it was simple press the button and they were done. Now it’s complicated like SERATO!!!

Every time I load a song it analizes it and changes the BPM’S.
This update destroyed my Salsa Playlist.

I clear the beatgrids and can’t set new ones. The only option I get is reset to the messed up ones.
Also you can’t record now.

Thank God I haven’t updated my MacBook and I’m not going to until they fix this.

Any way to go back to the previous version.

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If you’ve made a backup, yup.

The beatgrid can’t be set properly in this version. It just has set a downbeat option which completely throws out the bpm. You can now back up all your old beatgrids to another device but it doesn’t adhere to a new beat at all. Complete stuff up!!!

I’ve updated across all devices and now cannot even begin to work out how to set a beatgrid. It sets a down beat which immediately drifts from the song beat. Completely annihilated a simple working system,. It might be the final nail in the coffin for me…

At least now I know I’m not the only one experiencing this. Good thing I didn’t update my MacBook it still has Djay Pro AI everything is fine.

I’ll take the old beatgrids any day.

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Can you give an example track ID and your workflow?

Nothing but great succes over here so I’m wondering…

It’s every track on iOS. Moved every beatgrid I manually put in, rescanned everything any put start cues in random places, grid does not match to tracks. Beatgrid is no longer simple, when you set a downbeat it throws everything out even more. The issue here is that some ‘algoriddim’ has decided to change 5 years of work and I cannot change it back. Lucky I saved backups from iOS to my hard disk as the Mac version has not auto scanned every track. So no I can’t provide one track ID…

With me it’s my Latin Salsa music since I updated to 5.0 it threw my set beatgrids out of place and now can’t align them manually.

That’s not really helpful as everything I try works fine.

If you could provide 1 track, maybe a common one that’s on Tidal, I can maybe confirm the issue.

Sorry to everyone who is experiencing issues with the new beatgridding system. The dev and support teams are working on some FAQ articles to clearly explain how the new system works which should answer all of your questions and solve the vast majority of issues you’re experiencing. I understand that the new system is more complex, but once you learn the new controls, its possible to properly beat grid almost any song.

In the meantime, I encourage you to explore the large variety of beatgrid controls available within the Hot Cues>Edit Grid section:

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So after 3 years of pleading for beatgrid saving across devices they go and ruin a really simple feature with a non working and complex monstrosity.

The beatgrid now cannot be set properly. It just has set a downbeat option which completely throws out the bpm if used and no longer matches the grid at all.

It’s really complex for no apparent reason and just plain does not work in any shape or form.

Like what the hell were you thinking, does anyone actually know how this actually works?

Please revert to the one that works!!!

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The new beatgridding system is in a word awful.

It is both inaccurate and unusable on iPhones. You can no longer see the waveform when using this new unreasonably complex beatgrid system. It also destroys all the old beatgrid information while it rescans putting random cue starts in (sometimes quarter way through a track).

When you adjust the downbeat it throws the grid/bpm completely out.

There needs to be a legacy system or a way to stop the app scanning everything and ruining the manual beat grids already there (I manually adjusted and put cue points on thousands of tracks)…

Another option is to re-release Djay 4.0 as Djay Classic so we can continue using it.


Tried all those to no avail. And I don’t use tidal.

Try some Latin salsa songs you’ll see and not some already pre gridded songs.

@MontyJoe sorry to hear that. I’ve been told that the new beatgridding system FAQ article will be released later today. I think this will really help to explain the new system to all users. Thanks again for your patience!

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@MontyJoe and @Donall_O_Cleirigh,

  1. As @Mister_Tuur suggested, sharing specific tracks (ideally link to Tidal, SoundCloud, Beatport, etc) that you are having issues will really help to illustrate the problems you are having and for us to help troubleshoot the specific issues. If you don’t use a streaming service then details about the song title, artist name and remixer would be super helpful.
  2. Please note, there are many users, myself included, that have experienced zero issues with the new system. I have personally been testing this system for weeks will all kinds of normal and extremely challenging music and the Fluid Beatgrids have performed perfectly. I know for a fact that I am not alone in this.
  3. There is definitely a bit of a learning curve with the new system and I apologize for the lack of documentation and information on how it works. I completely understand any confusion that has come from this. As noted above, the FAQ should be released today.
  4. I also understand that there are outlying specific cases where the new system needs some help. So, providing examples of specific songs that aren’t working for you, will really help us to communicate these issues to the engineering team.

Again, I apologize for the issues you are experiencing, but we are working on it!

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I have reverted back to an old backup which was on my Mac and I’ve transferred over to my iPhone. The beatgrids on those tracks now seem to be adhering so far thankfully. You can’t manually set the GRID START where you want it. DOWNBEAT is not the same as GRID START. This is a major problem for track accuracy.

You can now only set a downbeat and the app just puts this where it sees fit. You can’t pick a grid start point yourself - (looks like this IMPORTANT functionality has been removed),

A lot of tracks have intros silent starts etc that aren’t taken into account with whatever new algorithm has been developed by “the lab guys”.

It does badly with breakbeat start grids, 6/4’s and abstracts (always has) and you need to be able to place the GRID START where you want to get around this issue. You then need to be able to incrementally move it to the start of a 4/4 BEATGRID and not adhere to a grid set by the app. Otherwise those tracks will always be inaccurate.

TO SUM UP, in about 5-10 seconds with a functionality in V4 - you could apply GRID START on any complex waveform along with SET START CUE, and have PERFECT ACCURACY.

SO, either it’s an accurate mix tool of it isn’t, choose….

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3 songs with incorrect Grid Start, applying downbeat makes worse, V4 screenshot with GRID START button.

Again, sorry for the delay. As promised, here are the FAQ articles for the Fluid Beatgrid system:

I’ve tried a couple from Tidals’ “Salsa Classics” list. No probs so far.

Could you be so kind to provide one track ID that doesn’t work for you?