Djay 5.0 messed up my beatgrids.

Why doesn’t Algoriddim Djay have an archive section where whe can download old versions of the the program like Serato has. You guys are pushing Djays away from this app now.

Have all the versions on your website so we can download and save them. Not just thru the Apple Store.

Come guys get with it give us options here.


I have to say, I’m actually loving the new fluid beat gridding system,
I Have a handful of tracks that have the beatgrid slightly off in parts,
The Anchor feature fixes all of that…
At first I thought this was going to be a nightmare as Djay had
re analyzed all my library and all my cue points were slightly off beatgrids,
This was a slight pain to correct but it just meant I had to move all my cue points one at a time, (I haven’t done all of them and do them as I load them) but once they are corrected, They are perfectly lined up.

I do agreed with other posters here, It would be nice if there was an option to roll back to a previous version should you find that a new update doesn’t work for you

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Good for you. I want the old version back.

Just now playing a track 97 bmp by the time it finished it was at 125.

I like to use background track on 3rd deck and mix of that with the other 2 decks I speed my bpm’s gradually as I go along my playlist. Now I can’t do that with the bpm ending up either higher or slower.

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I just had the lead deck playing a track at 135 bpm loaded a track with 140 bpm it automatically dropped both decks to 125.1 bpm.

This really SUCKS!!!

They ruined a great app.

I’m gonna have to use Serato I don’t trust this app at a gig.

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Maybe time to switch back to Serato I guess

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@Donall_O_Cleirigh thank you for the files. The engineering team has already reviewed them:

  1. We were able to reproduce the beat grid issues depicted in your screenshots using the tracks you sent. The issue seems to be due to a peculiarity present in all of the tracks sent: in every single instance there was a small audible cut/glitch exactly at second 10 (bar 6) of the audio, which made bar 6 slightly shorter and thereby offset the grid of all previous bars if straight grid is selected. After that, from bar 7 onwards, the track is perfectly straight (and the straight grid selected by the system is perfectly aligned). We are guessing that these tracks all stem from the same source using a faulty encoder that introduced these glitches.
  2. The good news is that this can be easily fixed by switching the track to dynamic in the BPM popup.
  3. However we will also reevaluate our detection/heuristics with these tracks in mind to see if there’s something we can improve here.

@MontyJoe, I sorry to hear your having issues with the new Fluid Beatgrid system. Please see the links below for a detailed explanation of how these new tools work:


  1. If you would like to rollback to a previous version of djay Pro, the only way to do this is with a full system backup recovery from iTunes/Music or Apple Time Machine. It’s not possible from the App Store or Algoriddim.
  2. If you are still experiencing issues after reading the FAQ articles above and watching the YouTube video, we can help you further if you upload your entire djay User folder and some of the songs you are having issues with to our Dropbox:
    a. Open Files app on iPhone
    b. Go to “On my iPhone” section
    c. Tap-and-hold the “djay” folder and select “Compress”
    d. Upload resulting ZIP file to our Dropbox
    e. Please also upload some of the tracks that are causing you issues.

Once again, sorry you are having issues, but we are here to help. Thanks!

Didn’t have that problem with the old version.

Most of my tracks are downloaded from my own cd ‘s at 320Kbps and I’m having problems.

I’m not having any problems with beatgrids at all. Loving the new Fluid Beatgrids :grinning:


Give it time You will!!!

Thanks to the team and thanks for getting back. I’ll have a look into the encoding. To the initial grid is off but it’s an encoding issue on some tracks. What I’m getting fit. This though is the system actually catches up with the beat after the interruption. So that’s good.

I might start cueing more tracks then :+1:

You’re welcome @Donall_O_Cleirigh

Totally rocks doesn’t it. Just awesome.

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Here is my frustration:

You load a song and it starts somewhere past the start of the song. So now on every song I have to set a cue point to get to the right beat and turn on start at cue 1. This used to just work!

When you try and blend 2 songs using straight bpm, they are not matched and quickly fall out of sync. You are unable to set the grid however you like which really messes things up. I do not want to have to set anchor points at every beat to visually see, nor do I want to guess the true bpm if I want to manually match bpms:

If you try dynamic mode, good luck because within a single beat the bpm can change on you and once again you will be out of sync!

Please give me back version 4. This new version is useless to me unless I want to just auto mix stuff, which just makes it a really expensive tidal player and not a pro dj software.

And don’t even get me started about the surprise update that basically disabled neuralmix with Tidal AND no ability to mix Tidal with Beatport as long as either are loaded! I think it’s time to cancel my subscription and move to rekordbox once and for all, even though it means having to use my laptop :frowning:

My friend I agree with you one hundred percent they RUINED a good app!!!

I said it from day One I went bacterium to “Serato” which I don’t like but at least has steady beatgrids.

And the bad part is they don’t let you revert back to the Djay AI Pro.

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…which is OK if the track itself has a fixed tempo. if the track varies, then straight grids aren’t going to be much use.

With DJay’s new system, if the track has a fixed tempo then the beatgrid will also be steady. If the tempo varies then so will the beatgrid. It now accurately shows you variations in track tempo, whereas with a fixed grid system any variations are hidden.

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I tried what you did using Dynamic with the exact two songs and they didn’t move out of sync the whole way through, They both stayed at 95.4bpm through out,
I then set them both to Straight and the beat grid changed slightly in relevance to my first cue point (it was slightly off) but again I was able to beat mix them both manually and using Sync with out any issue…
This is not to say that this isn’t happening to you though…

But please stop blaming Djay Pro for the Tidal issues; it wasn’t their decision to stop Stems or to stop the ability to use different streaming services, That decision was purely a Tidal thing, just like when Spotify decided to stop supporting Dj software,
If this isn’t a wake up call to start building your own music library and only rely on streaming services for a back up or emergency requests, then I don’t know what is…