Djay Ai closing itself Out.

Since the last update on my IPad Pro 2021 I’ve noticed Djay Ai closing itself out 3 times.

Is anybody else experiencing this.

@MontyJoe did you update your iOS or the djay app? It’s unclear from your statement. When the devs respond to this they will request the following so it’s best to provide the information up front to save everyone time:

App: djay 4.1.6
Device: iPad13,1 (Air 4th Gen)
MIDI Devices: Reloop Ready
OS: iOS Version 16.3.1

Also is there something in particular that is causing djay to crash? For example, does it crash every time the iPad goes to sleep or the Lock Screen is displayed? Information like this will make it a lot easier for community members and devs to help you.

For me, djay on iPad often crashes when the Lock Screen is enabled. I have observed this bug come and go with new versions of djay so, I always disable the automatic Lock Screen on iPad.

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