Djay app keeps crashing with my reloop mixon 4

After some advice folks. I’m using the reloop mixon 4 with an iPad Pro 12.9 (a recent upgrade). Once I’d sorted the usb c adapter it had been working fine up until recently, the app keeps shutting down once I’ve selected and started playing a track. It does this a few times and then I can play for a while without any issues but then it will crash again. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

Same issue with me. So frustrating. I tried my friend’s iPad and it kept on crashing. Switched to the Reloop Mixtour and it was still crashing. Worked fine on my MacBook though.

Same problem here. iPad Air 4, Vestax VCI-400 and the latest iOS and DJay Pro AI versions. No issues two weeks ago.

I’ve put a support request through to Algoriddim but as yet no reply. Has anyone else heard anything?

Same, still waiting.

Also submitted a support request. Algoriddim can we please get an update and timeline on a fix? I have a gig in two days and need my software and hardware to be working properly. Is it possible to return to previous iOS and DJay versions for a temporary fix? Thanks.

It’s affecting various setups where a controller is used with an iPad since iPadOS 14.x has been installed. In my case, I went from 13.x to 14.2 on my iPad Air 2 and now djay 3 crashes every time I use it with my WeGO4. Never had a single issue with djay 3 with this iPad or controller throughout all versions of iOS / iPadOS 12 and 13.

Here’s my bug thread about it, in case this also helps:

Hi everyone,

We are sorry for the occurrence of this issue. At the moment we are in contact with Apple and can confirm this is a iOS 14.2 issue. This issue will be fixed with iOS 14.3 so make sure to update your iOS devices as soon as there is a new iOS version.