djay app randomly crashes on iPadOS 14

I installed iPadOS 14.2 on my iPad Air 2 this week and used djay for the first time since doing this and it randomly crashed three times during a mixing session with friends. It’s the only app open and did a hard shut down and it still did it. Had to abandon the session. Never had this issue with iPadOS 13.

It’s crashing out on me too. Random failures - many of them.

I went straight to iPadOS 14.2 via iTunes from the last 13.x version, because my iPad Air 2 would not update over the air to any of the 14.x updates. It’s never failed to update this way before. Should have taken it as a sign to stay on 13, where djay was stable. I’ve never had any issues with djay 2 or this current iPad version until now. Can’t fallback to djay 2, as no SoundCloud support.

The djay app crashes ruined our regular Friday night remote DJ sessions last night. It crashed in the middle of it just playing a single track.

Yeah, DJay crashed on me twice. Very embarrassing.

I have the same problem on IPad Air 3

Hi, here exactly the same on iPad 6th generation. Everything was ok until I did an update to iOS 14.2… It crashes constantly…

djay was very unstable for my trusty iPad 6th generation and Neural Mix was super slow so I updated to the new iPad Air. No more crashes since then. With all those crashes, I would not have trusted it for another gig anymore. Unrelated to iOS 14 for me, though, this happened before.

Just tried using iPad djay 3 again and it crashed within a few minutes of playing a track.

Come on, algoriddim, please at least confirm you’ve acknowledged this issue.

iPad Air 3 IPadOS 14.2 update crashes always when the midi controller is connected.

That was going to be my next question. What controller are people using?

I’ve used the djay 3 iPad app for a prolonged period of time without it crashing when not connected to a controller. The crashes are occurring when connected to my WeGO4, which is how I always use it. djay 2 and djay 3 have worked fine with my iPad Air 2 and WeGO4 through iOS/iPadOS 12 and 13, but not since going to 14.2.

I’ve been looking for an alternative for now and tested this setup with the Pioneer WeDJ iPhone app, so iPad Air 2 on iPadOS 14.2, Pioneer WeGO4 and WeDJ. This app is free and supports SoundCloud, unlike the iPad version. Whilst this app was last updated a year ago, so far this setup is running stable, whereas djay 3 crashes within minutes.

I am currently using reloop mixon 4 and iPad Air 3 on djay pro AI 3.5.9and dj pro 1.0.27 both versions are buggy all the time. In a minute or two they crashes

So, now that djay 3 seems to be unusable for some people, what are you using as an alternative?

Mine is crashing as well. I have newest version on iPad Pro 2020 1TB, and new reloop mixon 4. I either look up song, or choose deck, and bam, it’s gone. Based on research this has been ongoing problem for years. I did not know this was a problem until after the purchases were made. Love the app, I hope they fix.

Hello friends!!! I have a Reloop Mixon 4 controller and an IPad Pro 3 generation … everything was working perfectly !!! I updated my IOS to 14.2 and I am using the version of Djay Pro Ai version 3.5.9 … however after this update I turn on the Mixon 4 controller and open the Djay Pro Ai application it works normally but then the application closes on its own and the controller stops working !!! Can anybody help me??? thank you

Bought my new iPad about 6 months ago when Spotify integration stopped and have changed to DJAY PRO AI. Been working perfectly with regular use at long sessions and reliable with long sessions. Now suddenly keeps crashing and shutting down, since IPADOS 14.2 maybe. Surely this problem must be widespread and been picked up by now?!

I run this on a Pioneer DDJ-1000 and the 4 track view and it has been crashing like crazy for me on that ever since the upgrade. I discovered that I can get by with the 2 track view, but it’s severely limiting my sets.

Has anyone heard anything from Algoriddim yet?

Same problems here! Brand new iPad Air 4, 2020 and Vestax VCI-400. No issues before the latest iOS and latest DJay. I have tried different cables, different USB hubs, fresh install of DJay and even a complete reset and erase of the iPad with a fresh install of DJay. Still experiencing crashes.

Can we please get an update Algoriddim? I have gig in two days and need gear that I can depend on. Thanks.

I have sent 2 emails, and message through messenger. It seemes like they don’t want to respond. I am guessing they have no fix. Or, maybe they are on a beach somewhere watching the money roll in and just laugh, and laugh. Perhaps they should get busy. This is a HUGE problem that a whole lot of people are having. Where is product support???

As the great Phil Collins would say, “NO REPLY AT ALL”