DJay for Anrdoid?

Apple is already falling behind Android in pure number of devices activated on a month to month basis. With Android 4.1 Jellybean the new Google Now search makes Siri look like a joke.

Are you guys looking at perhaps creating an Android compatible version of this app?

Keep in mind that Instagram resisted launching an Android app for a very long time. When they finally launched the Android version their downloads went up by a huge margin and they were purchased by Facebook.

Any chance you are going to create an Android version for DJs like me who do not use Apple products?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Well, two reasons, one business and one practical, why I can imagine that there’s no plans for this.
Business-wise, while there’s more Android device activations, the ROI from the Play market versus the iOS app store is pretty much flipped from that. Put plainly, most Android users just don’t buy many paid apps.
Then from the technical standpoint, programmers have talked about how Android has too much latency to do the kinds of DSP that this would want. It’s the same problem that IK looks at with the whole Amplitube setup. (I’d almost bought an iRig for a friend with a Galaxy II S before finding that there are NO guitar effects modeling programs for Android, and then researching the why’s of that one.) There’s DJ programs for Android, but none that have the versatility of something like djay.

Jelly Bean might have changed some of that second issue (although I haven’t heard anything as yet), but that first one is not something that an OS upgrade is going to fix.

I don’t see the latency you’re talking of. I have a Galaxy S3 and it runs smooth with Jelly Bean and project butter, you should look into that.

Well I guess we’re not so far behind, it seems Google is working to this latency issue trough software updates, Samsung already is implementing some of this software for low latency over bluetooth. Linux has some low latency patches too that could be used to fix the issue in Android.

I would also appreciate to have your app on android! thanks

I’m surprised this conversation is still active. As Hannes explained, latency is dreadful on Android. That means when you touch the screen there’s a noticeable delay before something happens. This is disasterous for any DJ and impossible for new DJs to learn skills like beatmatching.

There are other non-code related issues with Android, but latency is the killer. The idea of a decent Android DJ app is dead in the water until that’s addressed - by which time it wont be called Android, it’ll be something else entirely - no doubt with a different set of challenges to overcome.

Android is not as stable

Hi Ken,

We currently have no plans to port djay to Android.

I want DJay for Android also … please

This has to change. Android devices outnumber iOS the world over. this makes no sense unless Apple has them locked into some kind of exclusivity… while millions and millions of Android user dollars sit waiting to be spend on DJay.

IOS fanboys, please stay out of this discussion with your pseudo-technical rationales as to the capabilities of Android. You sound utterly ridiculous and desperate tto prove your purchase decisions of iPads and iPhones. There is no technical reason why this app would not run on Android. You can’t sit here and seriously shovel this much crap about latency issues while knowing full well it runs on 1st Gen iPads, on older versions of iOS… which is very underpowered when compared to today’s quad core Android devices running 4.0 or newer. Please go sell that load of crap elsewhere to lesser informed people.

People are legitimately wondering why this decision tto not support Android was made. If an official Algoriddim rep could reply with an answer to “why” it would be greatly appreciated.

thanks for keeping Djay iOS exclusive! it’s just like video games that are ps3 or Xbox exclusive, if you want Djay so bad, use your android phone and buy an iPad

i love how all of you are blaming Algoriddim for this without even pausing to consider there are NO VIABLE DJ APPS AVAILABLE FOR ANDROID AT ALL. we’re dealing with technology here, not magic. don’t blame Algoriddim, talk to the people who develop Android. ask them why there are very few viable music applications and no decent dj apps… ask them why javax (midi) was pulled after v1.0

stop assuming it’s a iOS vs. Android thing …it’s not.

you people just don’t get it, it’s not a hardware issue, it’s an issue with Android not supporting the midi. i suppose it would be possible if there were a midi-yoke type of app to handle a sort of translation, theoretically speaking, but it’s not the same as having core midi built in.

android doesn’t handle midi, period. end of story. you got beef? take it up with the root of the issue. you question iOS capability? check out DJ Player, v5.5 will be taking on timecode processing with latency low enough to handle scratching.

android isn’t capable of the audio handling, not does it support midi. a quick google search will tell you this. will android prioritize such capability, maybe one day… why don’t you go petition them for it?

latency is not the issue. since several people in this forum can’t explain enough for it to sink in, go research the issue. do you really think Native Instruments, Korg, Propellerhead, Algoriddim, etc, etc, etc are all companies that just hate android users and don’t want your money even though users like you make up the lionshare of the market? …i mean really, quit living in a fantasy world and use your head. i’m sick and tired of these comments appearing in my inbox.

when can we see a version for ANDROID?

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