djay for iOS - The new DJ App

Big announcement,

We are more than happy to announce our latest app, djay for iOS.

djay for iOS comes with a lot of new features which were requested and are now supported.


  • Classic DJ Turntable, 2-Deck, 4-Deck, Looper, Automix, Single Deck, and Video modes

  • Deck mode: view your decks and library side by side 

  • Looper mode: create beats and jam live to your music 

  • Video mode: mix videos, visual loops, and Live Photos with music

  • Automix mode: trigger automatic transitions in a beautiful album cover view

  • Single Deck mode: prepare your sets and manage your playlists


  • Sequencer: create beats on top of your music live

  • Looper: remix your music with up to 48 loops per track

  • Beat-matched sequencing of drums and samples

  • Extensive content library with hundreds of loops and samples.


  • Mix up to 10 videos simultaneously

  • Live Photos integration 

  • Video Looper 


  • “My Library” section to create and edit your own playlists 

  • Smart track filtering by BPM, key or genre


  • Plug-and-play integration of over 50 MIDI controllers by Pioneer DJ, Reloop, Numark, and Denon DJ

  • Advanced MIDI Learn to map any class-compliant MIDI controller

  • Support for Bluetooth MIDI


  • Automatic mixes based on artificial intelligence

  • Queue and Playlist automation


  • New library features added

  • Save songs you discover to your Spotify collection from within djay


  • Ableton Link integration

  • New Sync Mode

  • Enhanced Looping including saved loops

  • Post-fader FX

  • High-res waveforms


  • Over 1 GB of high quality samples, loops, FX and visuals:

• 1240+ Audio loops from Loopmasters, including:

• Ambient house

• Deep house

• Analog techno

• Electro swing

• Latin house

• Neuro DnB

• Retro 80s

• Trance

• 300+ Audio samples from Future Loops, including:

• Chill

• DJ vocal drops

• Trap

• Percussion pack

• Hip hop vol. 1-4

• 20+ Video loops from DocOptic, including:

• Geometric Ride

• Liquid Moon

• Party Time

• Space Clouds

• Wave Twists

We are very happy to share our latest iOS app with you and hope you like it as much as we do.

For further information please see our website.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 


Lukas E.

i cannot find where is the slip mode and the keylock feature in this new Djay app…can you help me please ?

on iPad.

oh yeah gotcha! thanks !

Ok i’ve just succeed in access ing my nas music folder from Djay, using Documents from Reedle ! In fact you only forgot to say that you must use the ‘Side View’ feature of the iPad (i was not aware of that !), then have the 2 apps running then just drag and drop files from Documents to Djay!
Thanks for this tip :wink:

Oh yeah sorry I missed it :slight_smile:
Great feature indeed, at least at home with wifi!

Where is the “Files” option? There used to be an option to browse iCloud music files. Drag & Drop works but Im looking for the iCloud browse option.

He means this

Yes - this is a BIG problem since I rely on the Files option for both cloud collections and importing music WITHOUT using iTunes, which I have all but gotten rid of. If there are no plans to put this back, I will be asking for a refund soon.

I canceled my subscription. I don’t need looper or video as I have separate apps for those. The lack of the “Files” option is a deal breaker. This is a major step backward for Algoriddim.

Current users pay 9.99 for the first year…

So far Algoriddim has consistently been releasing great software on iOS. Native? Not so. There might be a new Traktor version coming up. Or not. Or it might be abandoned again. Who knows?

Their track record (sorry) for DJ software on this platform is not great though.

And what are you talking about with regards to older versions? If you bought them you can download them. You just can’t buy them anymore.

I’d be very surprised if it won’t show up.

@fred: exactly. :slight_smile:

I also don’t have a problem with the subscription model. Especially the annual price of 40 bucks looks fine to me. It’s the priorities that have me slightly worried.

The thing is, I’m not interested in content at all. Video is not my thing and I already have Ableton so I don’t care for the sample library or looper. That might change in the future, but for me right now these parts of the app are worth nothing.

Personally I feel the new version only has the added benefit of custom selection filters. That’s all. And even that feature feels half baked (do you need beta-testers guys?).

I hope Algoriddim won’t forget their roots and spend a fair amount of dev time on features that 99% of the clients use; improving finding and mixing music live.

IMHO DJ Player Pro has a lot of real pro features. It supports better search, different key notation systems (including Camelot), superb cue point storage (including loops and auto-outro looping), easy realtime jumping and moving of loops, syncing and sound quality is second to none, etc. etc.

Other DJ apps support Apples AU system which let you use third party effects. Even some of the really limited apps are Camelot compatible.

Like I’ve said before, I think Algoriddim is dropping the ball on basic DJ features while creating video and sequencer stuff……

Check out… and…

By the way, here’s the discussion:…

If DJPP had Spotify instead of Deezer I would probably switch…

Although I still have some faith in Algoriddim.