djay Pro 2.1 update

Hi community,

We’re excited to introduce a major update, free to existing djay users.

You can now access SoundCloud’s massive music catalog to discover and mix millions of tracks. djay’s integration with TIDAL offers HiFi sound, millions of tracks, and MUSIC VIDEO streaming. djay now also supports Ableton Link across Mac and iOS which allows you to seamlessly sync djay running on different devices.

Please share your feedback and let us know what you think.


Lukas E.

yes it is

and Pyro for iOS too

Thinking about Rekordbox: ipad preparation app with full sync with desktop (cue points AND beatgrids editing, comments, etc…)

Yes, it can be frustrating to be uncertain about this, I understand. Algoriddim has had this policy, since start, to never officially announce the roadmap. I do not know how other DJ sofware companies do, perhaps the same?
Anyway, I have learnt to live with the excitement, and so far it has never been disappointing.
Good luck with your choice now! Cheers

I think for existing Djay customers this is not very relevant because Spotify ist the best you can get on the market. But this is importand for Allgoridm to win new costomers from TIDAL, Soundcloud etc. 

Now it is easy to use TIDAL music library in Serato, Recordbox, Denon Prime 4 and DJay.

I am a DENON PRIME 4 user. Denon Prime 4 support TIDAL and Soundcloud (Beta). I mapped the Prime 4 and it works grat. For LED and PAD’s etc. I need support from Aggoridm to implement this.

Denon released a whole series of PRIME devices. If you support Prime 4 you automatically support Prime 2 and prime Go 

Denon Prime sells very very good. Please support this devices.

There is no other product that support Spotify.

If this happen, then the reason is that Spotify does not allow third parties to use Spotify. Spotify stopped Virtualdj a year ago. Spotify worked already with Spotify. I was wondering that Allgoritm is still allowed to use Spotify.

Because I have Denon Prime 4 I have Spotify, Tidal and Soundcloud subscription. I use a playlist transfer app tho move Spotify playlist to Tidal. Works great.

I love Spotify most, but I have no problem to quit Spotify and move to Tidal.

I think It is Spotify who does not allow anymore day Access Spotify

I agree. But you should blame Spotify, not Allgoritm. Spotify does not allow DJ Apps to use their library.

I see it positive. Tidal and Soundcloud are owned by the artists and maybe there is more innovation possible as withe the bulky market leadr.

I transfered my Spotify playlists to Tidal with this tool.

Installed 2.1 update and had to roll it back. New Tidal and Soundcloud components installed, and Spotify was still there as well, but the top half of the application was just a black box (no decks, no mixer controls, no waveforms, etc). Anything above the browser interface, and anything below the top menu bar was just a blank box.  I rolled back to 2.0.16 and everything is operating normally.

15" MacBook Pro
macOS 10.13.6
2.5 GHz Intel Core i7

I was able to restore to version 2.0.16 using macOS Time Machine.  I initiated a backup right before upgrading then chose that backup to revert to the previous install. 

I may try again on a future revision, and I am closely watching the discussions related to Spotify.

With all things being equal now that Spotify integration is gone, do you stick around or do you jump ship over to the other platforms (Serato, Rekordbox, VirtualDJ, Traktor)?

Spotify and the Algoriddim iOS applications were the main selling point for me, but now this definitely changes perspectives.

Great update with a lot of really cool additional things… ABLETON LINK AT LAST!!!
here are a few bugs to fix:
A: when in sync mode, if you need to change the loop down to 1 beat as a quick way to fix a track that has been analyze wrong out by a beat, as soon as you drop out of loop mode it jumps the track back to the downbeat of the grid again which was better when it didn’t do this…
B: when there is a track is currently playing the opposite deck starts to flash, which is opposite the previous version… Confusing 
C: a couple MIXON 4 wrong midi assignments, but quickly reassigned while performing… Easy enough
Playing the update live in front of audience 2 nights tonight all seems to be going well…
macbook pro 2012 , mixon 4 controller


I had the same issues with sync but stuck it out… worked out reset grid on fly is now really quick, so fixed song s that needed it, eeek not best solution but go me around the sync…

Hey new bug…
Loop play back jumps out of looping when you changed down to a beat or 1/4 beats and try to enlarge it up again, just disengages from looping

Mixon 4, macbook pro 2012

Saddens me, as I have so many highly tweaked playlists to go with every event you can think off… as an echo to others on here, it is the guts to the system and #1 reason to use it… lets hope Tidal can live up to the simplicity of Spotify, In the past when used, it didnt come close…

Just need more hardware integration

Knew it from the website not listing Spotify at all plus why wouid you get Tidal inboard if you have Spotify?