DJay PRO 2 Mac - Not Syncing iCloud Cues with DJay PRO iPhone & iPad

Currently DJay Pro 2 for Mac does not seem to sync the Cue Points from DJay Pro for iPad and iPhone.

  • DJay Pro for iPad and iPhone Cues do sync between each other.
  • All have iCloud Drive enabled and working.

It’s very irritating as I can pre prepare tracks on mobile device to use later on the Mac.

I erased and fleshed installed the os on my MBP and Djay Pro 2 finally showed up as and iCloud option, still not an option on my iPad or iPhones…

Mine clouded just fine.
All Your Songs didn’t cloud?

Actually i noticed all existing Cues clouded fine, but no new ones from This version.

I’m not sure I understand your comment.
I bought Djay Pro 2 from the App Store.
It doesn’t sync new cue points.
So if I had purchased the App from your website it would have worked properly?
So what should I do now?

I’m guessing since I bought Djay Pro 2
From the App Store, that install allowed me to use
Both DJayPro and DJayPro 2 on my Mac.
It seems that buying the new version through the Algoriddim’s website
Would have uninstalled the original version?
Thus having only one backup folder?

I hear some users asking for a down grade.
I can still use both right now.
In a way this is useful for testing, but no clouding.

Happy holidays

Purchased both DJay Pro, & 2 Through the Mac App Store.

If I back up;
~/Library/Containers/com.algoriddim.djay-pro-mac/Data/Library/Application Support/Algoriddim
Could I at least overwrite that folder in Dday Pro 2.
Then uninstall Djay Pro.
Will Djay Pro 2 show all present Data and start backing up new data without losing any data?

I really want to start using Djay Pro 2, but it is useless without data.
Both versions are active as of now.

Problem still exists on V 2.0.4

I know this isn’t a solution , but if you uninstall 2 then re-install.
All info including cue points will be there (But no new ones will clouded as of your install)
This is a work around until the BIG FIX wanders into our lives.

Well, the consensus is that DjayPro 2 shouldn’t have been released. It wasn’t truly ready.
Clouding is key and they knew it.

This issue should be at the top of your list.
Why has this issue not been resolved?
The app is useless without clouding

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Problem solved!!

Try this link…

Please keep us posted - this is annoying having no synced cue points…

Did the update to 2.0.3 trying to solve this bug, however cue points originaly from iOS Djay Pro, didn’t update to Djay Pro 2 MacOSX.
What could have go wrong? icloudsync is checked on both OS… same account…

I have this problem too (well a variant) for me Djay Pro has many cue points saved; they never iClouded to my iphone though (same icloud account, apps bought via app store and have followed all the instructions on this website to troubleshoot - but no joy).

I have just bought Djay Pro 2 (hoping this might fix the icloud issue - but it hasn’t) even worse though is none of my cue points from Djay Pro 1 are showing in Djay Pro 2 on the same macbook pro device.

Algoriddim does this help you debug this at all? I wonder if Djay Pro 1 is saving it’s cue points in the wrong place locally and thats why they’re aren’t syncing to icloud *or available to the Djay Pro 2 app*? More than happy to work with you to try to resolve this; from reading online it appears quite a lot of people have problems getting icloud synching working and I’m sure resolving this would be a plus to your otherwise excellent product.

Is there anything I can try to get my cue points from DJP1 loaded into DJP2?



@pfan - thanks for your reply.

DJP2 I did not install the demo first.
DJP1 I don’t remember (it was more than a year ago).

Sorry for slow reply - email notification went to span but I have set a mail filter now so will be quicker next time…

Where does DJP2 store it’s cue points does anyone know?