Djay Pro for Mac - No beatport logo

Hi - I’m using DJay Pro for Mac and have a Beatport link account. When I open Djay on the library tab on the left it has soundcloud, Tidal and Apple Music but no logo for logging into Beatport Link.


Can you post a screenshot? Are you on djay Pro AI?

Are you using one of the new M1 silicon powered Mac’s? As I believe that Beatport integration only works on Intel based Mac’s for the time being.

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Hi Stu - yes I am so that explains it. Thanks

I have no option to login to Beatport when using djay Pro AI on MacBook Pro with M1, Big Sur 11.1.

The option for soundcloud & tidal are there only.

I can login using the same Mac using djay Pro 2.

Hi @GregStienlet,

I’ve moved your topic thread here as the question/solution is the same. At the moment, Beatport and Beatsource LINK are currently only available in djay Pro AI on Intel-based Macs. Sorry for any inconvenience. Our development team is currently looking into how this might be expanded in the future and we’ll keep you updated.


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Brilliant - fixes the problem so easily. Nice hack. Thanks for the tip.