djay Pro & iPad & reloop Mixtour -- Search/Seek function & Cue Points

For the last week I have been testing the new reloop Mixtour with djay Pro on my iPad, which in general has been a great experience, but leaves me with 1 question and 2 suggestions:

  1. Is the software not yet fully supporting the new controller?
    When it comes to cue points I have encountered a lot of glitches, where the lights on the controller don’t correspond with the track. Also a few sound dropouts, as well as the library view freezing. I have used djay2 in conjunction with the ddj-wego3 before and it was running rock-solid. So hopefully these glitches will be ironed out soon - I have also noticed that when I connect the Mixtour to my iPhone/djay2, the reloop logo appears, signalling that it recognises the controller - djay Pro doesn’t do that.

  2. The seek/search function, which is activated by holding down T while twisting the large browse knob on the Mixtour skips 3 beats with every click while twisting the knob.
    Why not 4 beats? That would make beat-jumping through a dance track a lot easier, say I know I want to get to the end of a phrase of 8 bars, I could twist the knob through 8 clicks, and I would know I am right there. Would love to see that implemented in an upcoming update…

Which brings me to my last point 3), that I would love to see a bar/phrase counter (like in Traktor Pro) for faster navigation through tracks in both the pro versions for mac & ios.

Cheers for your attention.

Hi Lukas,

thank you for your reply. The cue point issue I noticed is as follows: On several occasions I noticed that when I load a track, which has cue points set (and I do use djay on mac, iphone and ipad, using the icloud sync feature), the pads on the Mixtour don’t light up with the corresponding cues, that’s all. I had several scenarios where that was the case, however, when pressing the unlit pad, it would still go to the right cue point in the track. On one, or two occasions though, the cue points showed on the track, not on the controller AND where not accessible via the pads.
Don’t know if that description is of any help.

Regarding my feature requests should I put them in a separate post?

Cheers, Albrecht

Hi there,

thank you very much for your feedback.

  1. I processed the logo issue internally, thanks for that. Regarding your Cue point issue, could you please tell us a bit more in detail what problems you are facing. Thank you for that.

Regarding the change of the seeking function and the Bar counter, it would be great if the other users could give there feedback about this, in order to push these feature requests. Also I forwarded these two feature requests internally.

All in all we want to thank you for taking your time and giving us a feedback about the Mixtour.

Lukas E.


i’m 100% behind changing the skip size. I’m switching from Traktor Pro 2 and i honestly thought this was a bug, i even tried this on another machine to be sure. Using the keyboard to press “3 3 3 3” seems like a workflow killer.

I use this to navigate bars, e.g.: Jumping 4 bars back from the drop to set a loop, or jumping full 4 bars with a loop. The menu items to increase or decrease skip size result in even more silly sizes like three beats…

In the meantime: is there any way to work around this?

Thanks, Moritz