Djay Pro native support for Mixtrack Platinum

Hi, Algoriddim!
I love the Mixtrack Platinum controller and djay Pro on mac is my DJ software of choice, but these does not work together. Manual mapping is terrible with this controller, and I have because of that been forced to use the Serato program as a replacement. Djay is such a great program it would be a shame to use Serato instead in my opinion.

My question:
Will this controller be natively supported by djay Pro for mac, like all the other Mixtrack-controllers form Numark, in the future?

Sincerly concerned Djay Pro user.

Thank you guys for the run down on the mixtrack platinum… I was seconds away from ordering one but it looks like I will have to wait for algoriddim to get a mapping for this new hardware. I’m new to DJ’ing, but it looks like this controller will really be sweet for the price point when the plug and play functionality is in place for DJAY PRO!

I think it’s been out almost 5 months now… hopefully we will see an update very soon!

Thanks! We are anxious to get the official release! Please keep us posted.

Does djay Pro support the Platinum’s displays?

The newly released djay Pro 1.4.3 for Mac now comes with native support for the Numark Mixtrack Platinum. Enjoy!

Yesss! Not to revel in your misery Jesper, but it is nice to know someone else out there is having the same trouble.
I can sort of get the scratching to work, but it seems to delay cue points activated immediately after. This is my setup for deck 1:

Scracth (no touch detection)
Control Type: Rotary (01h/7Fh)
Speed: about 1/6th full (closer to slow)
Reaction: Full Responsive 100%

Hope it helps…? Let me know if you sort out what I mean by the cue point delay. Super frustrating not being able to full blend in a scratch.

I got a Platinum a month ago and have been forced to use Serato at gigs since.

You have to manually map the scratch/jog functions, and as far as I have gotten, I still haven’t managed to get the displays to work. Even a used Mixtrack Pro 3 will be better than the platinum, at least until someone decides to give us accurate mapping. For now, they are mere distractions.
I still have an issue with cue points working with the scratch pads. I get a bit of a delay. If you end up getting one and get some mapping done (or need novice mapping assistance) let me know!

I wouldn’t say that it is completely unusable. I have been gigging with it a few times after mapping some of the basics and it works well, just have to rely on the trackpad for scratching. cue points and jumping works fine, but the extra $ for the platinum is basically for the extra sound bells (you can use it as a mixer, but is a little short on juice due to the fact that it is usb-powered), and the displays which are dope. A good friend has a Pro3 that has full mapping for Algoriddim’s DJay Pro and man it is so much sweeter than the Platinum for the time being. The scratch wheels are perfectly mapped.

I banked on the fact that there has been compatibility in previous generations of Numark controllers and I suppose I just have to wait it out until there is a proper map released that integrates the displays. I am lost right now with it and don’t really have time to work mapping it any longer.

In my opinion, both options are about equal. Just depends on what you want. Full functionality right now with a Pro3, or investing a bit of effort mapping to tide you over with the Platinum until there is a map released. I had to purchase mine as soon as I could, but if you can wait on it, it may come down in price and come with a map.


Yes. Def hold off. The mapping for the Pro 3 is better and you can probably get one used on the cheapy-cheap… Happy spinning!

email me
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Nice goin’ Trevz! Scratch response is perfect now…>! I am in your debt, good Sir!

The Platinum is supported by Virtual DJ 8 and Serato already. Why does it take so long for Algoriddim to supply native support?

Did you happen to see the little “Serato” logo on the platinum? Did you perhaps stop to think about what that actually meant. The Platinum is a controller specifically designed for Serato thus the reason the support happened from day one. Serato makes money off of the sale of each Platinum (and every other native Serato device). Djay makes zero dollars hence the reason they are not so quick to offer support day one…

SDJ license is 64.50 this week which is not all that expensive IMO.… and $150 for SDJ and literally every expansion they offer.

That being said this was in response to: Why does it take so long for Algoriddim to supply Native Support? The answer is licensing/partnerships.

You are very welcome. Enjoy!!

Just out of curiosity is there any reason you guys feel this is something that must happen? I do not mean to offend but some here are acting like Algoriddim owes (or promised) support for this controller. One should NEVER purchase hardware under the assumption said hardware will be supported by their software of choice in the near future let alone ever.

Just curious how this logic comes about is all. Again I mean no offense.

Not wondering why anyone is asking for it. Wondering why some are demanding and expecting it. Having worked with a manufacturer developer prior on misc. hardware is not a reason one would expect with EVERY device said manufacturers develop ever until the end of time. Native instruments is the only developer/manufacturer who works like this as all N.I. HW is supported by TP2 obviously. Not all Pioneer HW is supported by Algorriddim yet they are partners. Not ALL Pioneer HW is supported by Serato yet they are partners. Not ALL Pioneer HW is even supported by Rekordbox DJ and yet Pioneer themselves are the developers of Rekordbox DJ.

I do not own one of these controllers so I can not speak for custom mapping it. I have used Algoriddim’s custom mapping on other (Pioneer) controllers which was very easy so I would have hoped it was the same with the Platinum.

Lastly I promise you there is no such rule as “if you want to be on market as a dj software you must support the new hardwares ASAP.” This is just flat out not true. Serato, Djay Pro, Rekordbox DJ, and so on will NEVER support Native Instruments hardware old OR new EVER… so this means close up shop? Can’t continue being in the business if we will not “support the new hardwares”???

" I have to mention again people in this topic are not asking to support for a no name controller or not asking Agloriddim to support this product or not. People are asking WHEN they will do it."

Yeah this is the very issue. Why not ask IF or “can you” before expecting and going with the when and demanding support. Trust they do not owe anyone here support for this controller ever as they never promised this or advertised that they would… as far as I know at least.

I have some further news for everyone here. This is how all the developers are doing things nowadays but I also promise you one more thing. Pioneer is the only SW developer currently offering actual deadlines but even they do not offer product support dates. The reason dev’s do not do this is simple. Let’s say they (Dev) say Feb 15 2016 they will add support on some given device. Then Feb 13th said devices manufacturer updates the firmware and it goes public. Now this device could potentially not work as intended and who is to blame here when things go wrong. Even worse now you have people up in arms because the developer broke their promise. I mean this is basic PR stuff here but I feel it needs to be pointed out.

Anyways again for those asking if and hoping it will… by all means nothing wrong with this and as Lukas E (Algoriddim Rep) pointed out the more hype the better. I was just wondering where this behavior stems from and TBH I am a little more lost now as the logic behind is a little flawed at best. Just being honest and I again do not mean to offend.

FTR do not get me wrong. I certainly hope you all see the support you seek ASAP and for all your future wishes to work out as well but I am wondering if we are trying to attract flies with vinegar here is all… Carry on :slight_smile:

I think everyone here needs to hear this. There are certain devices that fall under a licensing agreement between manufacturer and SW developer. The S9 is a Pioneer unit that even Pioneer themselves are not allowed to natively support due to agreements between Pio and Serato.

The SL57 to this day has not been supported by any other software other than Serato.

Now we have the Mixtrack platinum created in partnership with Serato. ALgoriddim had nothing to do with its development, or distribution. They made no claims they in fact would be supporting it (until recently when I feel Lukas mad a mistake by claiming they would in fact be offering a mapping ASAP). There are elements that they may not have thought of and until they had an actual (WORKING) mapping at the ready no deadlines should have been even hinted at. Well now there was one and I certainly hope for their sake they are able to pull through. Customers do not like being mislead.