Djay Pro - Volume increasing and decreasing randomly

Hi guys,

I use djay pro with my ddj 200 (pioneer)

The volume rises or drops often when i select a track on the inactive decks. This volume issue is on the active deck.

The volume also randomly rises and falls.

Ive recently changed laptops. I had no issues in the past.

Please help!

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Hi @Brian123, to help me troubleshoot this issue with you, can you please provide more details:

  1. What OS and version are you using?
  2. What version of djay Pro are you using?
  3. What is the make and model of your laptop?
  4. Have you tried updating the Bluetooth drivers for your laptop?
  5. Are you playing through the laptop speakers or a wireless speaker?
  6. Can you please provide a screen shot of your djay Settings>Sound?
  7. Do you notice the level meters for each channel moving up and down when the audible volume is moving up and down?

Im on Windows 10.

Im using the most recent version of djay pro. Just downloaded a few days ago. I recently used an old version of djpro and never had this issue.

Im on a Lenovo Think Pad.

Yes. Ive tried updating various items/drivers including this.

Im playing through m-audio speakers. Not bluetooth. Ive no issue withnthese speakers when playing music through my phone.

Itd hard to notice a sound kevel change a
s they are generally near the max.

Thanks for the information @Brian123,

  1. Have you noticed the same volume changes when using the laptop speakers or with headphones connected instead of the m-Audio speakers?
  2. Have you tried using a different audio cable between your laptop and speakers?
  3. Try turning Auto Gain ON to see if that helps.
  4. Are you playing songs stored on the laptop of via streaming services?
  5. Does the volume change only happen once during the song playback or does it seem to change up and down throughout the song?

I just switched speaker and earphone connections. Same issue. Volume changes by itself.

I dont have another cable. I had no issue with the cable last week when using old djpro version. Cable is fine.

Tried changing the audio GAIN. Didnt fix.

Songs are played via folder. Mp3. I dont stream any songs.

Volume sometimes changes throughout song, but mainly when i select a new track

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Very strange. I can’t think of anything else to suggest.
@Brian123 can you please try to capture a video of this so I can share it with the engineering team for further review? To share the video, please upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive and post a link to it here. Thanks.

Hi again @Brian123, just following up on my last message. Were you able to capture a video of this issue? Thanks!

Hi Slak_Jaw, I’m having a similar issue. I’m on a 16inch 2019 macbook pro running 10.15.7 using
DDJ-FLX4 as the audio.
It randomly happens when I select anything in the GUI using a mouse click, a key command or a midi mapping assigned to the FLX4. For example if I click on the Filter icon with the mouse to open the Filter window and select one of my filters then suddenly the volume would increase or decrease about 10db immediately after I click. Another example is I have a midi mapping to select the crossfader effects on/off, when I press the button on the FLX4 the volume would immediately change. If it increases and next time the volume changes due to selecting something, the volume won’t increase anymore, it will decrease back to the previous volume. It never decreases or increase twice in the same direction. For example it’s either about 10db louder or 10db softer. The volume only changes between those two settings.

Thanks for the info @Donn. Can you please try to capture a video of this?

Hi Slak_Jaw, I sent the video to tech support w a link to this post.
Which is better to send in to tech support or post the video here?


Both please. I’ll be away on vacation starting today, but I’d like to have a look when I get a chance. Thanks.

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Hi @Donn,

I’ve just returned from vacation and wanted to follow up and see if your issue has been resolved. Thanks!

Hi Slak_Jam, I notice what’s happening is if i change my eq setting for ex. reducing the bass to
10 o’clock, when I click on anything in the GUI (filter icon, Cue point icon, search box), in this case the crossfader fx and Cue point, my current eq settings re-sets to zero(that’s why the volume seem to go up). In the video at 00:12 i changed a crossfader fx and my bass eq reset to zero. This happend randomly in 5.03 but since updating to 5.1 it happens every time I change a crossfader fx. At 1:14 I clicked on the Cue Point icon and the volume lowered the bass setting back to the setting i previously had at 10 0’clock.
(btw don’t know why video doesn’t show the link as text, but right click can copy the link)

Hi @Donn, that video is not playable. Please upload it to your Dropbox/Google Drive, enable the appropriate sharing permissions, and share a link to the file here. Thanks

I’m not sure how to appropriate sharing , in dropbox I simply copied the link and paste to the reply.
If you’re on a mac can you please try to right click on the video,there’s an option “copy video link” then paste browser will jump to the video .
(I don’t know why when i paste the link a blank video shows instead of the link text)


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Hi @Donn, I’m on Windows. There’s no R-Click option to download. Perhaps try using the Share button from Dropbox instead of cutting and pasting the link.

Hi Slak_Jaw, I shared to this address,
Algoriddim Community Forums

Let me know if it worked.


Hi @Donn, unfortunately, I cannot access that address. Please trying sharing the link in a Direct Message to me instead. Thanks

Okay here’s the link.