DJay Pro with Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV1 & REV7

Pioneer has just introduced the new controllers DJ DDJ-REV1 & DJ DDJ-REV7. What about DJay Pro support on the iPad? I’m already quite excited and would like to try this out… :crazy_face:

Im excited too, especially for the 4deck control on the Rev 1

Only a wild stab but the fact that the Rev 7 has driver software on the support pages would suggest it’s not Class Compliant and therefore would not be interoperable with an iPad.
So, probably Mac only and if you look at the other controllers that have jog wheel screens that don’t work with djay, the ones on this probably wouldn’t either.
I’ll be sticking to my “re-mapped to within an inch of its life”, DDJ-SX2! :grin:

I’m tipping you’re correct with that,nothing too special about the REV 1, the REV 7 is nice going by the reviews but pricey…


Here is a thought . The REV7 could possibly be the next standard after CDJs. Because the REV7 is such a serious machine , would you consider leaving DJAY because we all know DJAY will not be able to take full advantage of the REV7 feature set . The DDJ1000srt had no jogwheel
screen integration so I’m assuming the REV7 wont either. That will be a big bummer .

Can you imagine life without stem control ?

Maybe the Rane One will Be the way to go for moving platters with DJAY. This is only an issue with diehard DJAY fans . Serato a great product but stems sets it apart from anything on the market in addition to mobile app options . I’m so torn .

Basically I am open for any DJ software. But I like to work with the iPad, I just don’t want to take a laptop to the gig anymore. File songs, edit them, set cue points, prepare playlists… everything on one device, compact and always with you when you need it. And DJay Pro is in my opinion the only software that allows this, but still offers professional features.
So yes, I would be willing to work with another product if it works on the iPad at some point. But until that happens, I think I’ll stick with DJay Pro, and then of course I’ll use a controller that is supported. And if that does not work with the REV7, I just use something else … :wink:

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I have the Rane One and it works well with Djay… There are a few noted issues that hopefully Algoriddim will eventually sort out but nonetheless…
I’m in the same boat as Chris R, I don’t want to go back to hauling around a laptop and I’m content with the iPad,I have a couple of IPads that I can swap over should one crash (although this has never happened)…

These companies purposely leave out ipad compatibility to negate competition. They are too lazy to make an iOS version, just like they refused streaming for almost a decade. The Rev 7 is a battle/scratch controller. It’s features are primarily for Serato, so it’s an extreme waste of money outside of that software. Companies like Roland & Reloop should focus more on Algorridim Djay and less on Serato, where they have a tiny market share. I’m surprised Denon has not made a new Mc6000 for mobile DJs. Hopefully Reloop comes out with another dual Flagship like the Mixon 4 with more inputs and Bluetooth.

In the meantime, the initial euphoria has faded. I think I’ll stick with a compact setup when I’m on the road, and if I ever want to spin real records again, there’s nothing better than real 1210s anyway … :sunglasses:

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