djay v4.0.6 released

plenty of time for testing before the weekend. I did mine tonight and I seem to be fine. what about everybody else?


Haven’t put it through it’s paces as yet but it hasn’t fixed the issue where if a Controller is connected to the iPad and the iPad is in Portrait mode, using the Search function is a bit cumbersome as it wants to load the searched track on the Deck that is currently playing…This glitch has been there since Version 4.0 and still hasn’t been addressed as yet…
As mentioned here with the FLX6 as well as the Rane.

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Couple of issues I’ve found, and this first one is new, but every so often (hard to reproduce) regardless of the tempo set, the song will start playing really slowly, it could be 50% but difficult to say. Anyway, it’s a big and annoying when it happens.

Also there’s a few other things that haven’t been fixed yet.

The Bounce Loop Bug is still there, no sign of that being fixed.

Also, and this is probably linked to my controller (DDJ-SX2), but I still cannot set focus on queue without using a mouse or touch screen. The midi option does nothing.

I’ll report back with anything else I find.


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keep the reports coming! better to let devs know what you’re running into in your testing than tripping over a bug on a show that makes you look less than pro!


Hi All,

Thanks for your feedback about the recent update! Our Team is still working on the issues you’ve pointed out here, and we appreciate your patience while we do so. Feel free to continue sharing your feedback here as we really appreciate hearing from you. :raised_hands:

I’ve found something else that could be classed as a bug, but would only be an issue in certain circumstances.

When prepping tracks using Pro mode, if you mouse click anywhere in the waveform to move the playhead, the position the playhead moves to can be very erratic.

It seems to jump to random points in the track no where near where you click, and sometimes will jump straight to the start or end and stop entirely.

This happens on the Mac version when clicking about with a mouse, but tapping on the iPad version doesn’t seem to cause issues.

As I said, this is quite a specific bug and only a problem when prepping tracks and you’re skipping around to add Cue points etc and isn’t an issue when playing normally.

For reference I’m using a 16” M1 MBP.


I have tested it a few minutes but it’s way too drifty in DVS mode… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Accuracy was better before…

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