Djay will not load a song to the deck, gets stuck and has to be restarted.

Hi, when trying to load a new song to the deck, the deck gets stuck, it will not load anything … and I have to restart the program. What could be causing it, pls? I play songs (flac) from my PC library. Yesterday I re-installed Windows 10. It has happened several times to me since then. I cannot rely on the program when playing in front of people :frowning: See the attached pic. The “progress wheel” keeps turning and the deck no.1 is not working. Even when I try to add a different song. It is just stuck for good.

Hi @Struhy,

Sorry to hear about the issue with loading songs in djay Pro on Windows. So we can take a closer look, could you please tell us the following:

  1. What device are you currently using?
  2. Which djay version are you using?
  3. You said you are playing songs (flac) from your PC library. How are you loading the tracks? Are you dragging and dropping from the Explorer source in djay’s library?
  4. Does this problem occur if you use songs of a different file type (e.g., mp3, streaming service, etc.)?
  5. Has this problem always occurred, or is this a new problem? If new, did you notice it after any recent updates to the app or to the OS?
  6. When the affected deck freezes on the spinning wheel as shown in your screenshot, does the other deck continue playing with audio as well? In other words, is it just the affected deck that no longer functions, while the other deck still functions as expected?

Thanks in advance for the additional information.

Hello Emily, thanks for your reply. See my answers below:

  1. ASUS ZenBook UX410UA
  2. Version 1.0.27708.0
  3. Mostly flac, sometimes mp3. Yeah, usually right-click mouse and “Load on deck 1/2”
  4. I use only flac/mp3 now. No streaming services.
  5. This is a new problem. It appeared after I formatted my PC and re-installed Windows from scratch. I suppose I have the newest versions of both the app and OS.
  6. Yes, the other deck continues playing. I can stop it, I can change a song on it, it is just fine. It is only the affected deck that no longer functions, indeed.

Thanks for sharing the additional information. That’s very helpful.

Could you please share 2-3 song files that you’re using in djay when this issue occurs? This will allow our team to try to reproduce the issue in order to investigate it further. Please send your files as attachments using our request submission form and reference this thread so we can track the request.

Thanks in advance for your assistance troubleshooting this! I’ll look forward to your reply.

Hello Emily, I have just sent the songs via the link. I chose the last three songs that I remember the issue happened at. Nevertheless I think the issue is rather random, not really connected to any specific files/songs. It just happens here and there, cca every 20-30 minutes. There is one case where the problem occured repeatedly … and that is when I had Chemical Brothers in one deck and then I added Metronomy in the other one. When I tried to mix them, the deck with Metronomy repeatedly froze.

Hope that somehow helps.

PS: I was unable to upload the attachment due to its size, so I sent a download link instead.

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Thanks, @Struhy. I’ll have our team check into this further and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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Hi was this every resolved? I have just started to experience the same problem this week.

Hi @gumbodj, Thanks for checking in about this. Our team was able to reproduce this issue with FLAC files, but not with mp3s. We’re working on some major updates currently to djay for Windows which should also include a fix for using FLAC files in general on djay for Windows, and we should be able to share more news about this soon.

Could you please tell me what file types you are using when you’re experiencing this issue?

Hi Emily, thank you for your prompt response. The issue occurs with FLAC files. I have just converted the files that were causing issues to WAV and this seems to have fixed the issue for the time being. So my experience seems consistent with the updates your team is working on.