Do the Kontrol X1 and Xone:K2 work on iOS?

Before I go out and buy a powered Xone:K2 and a powered USB hub for my X1s, do they work on iOS? (I want a really tight/compact DJ setup with no jogwheels. I like buttons/knobs/faders.)

I understand I would need to create a mapping.

The reason I ask is, I tried plugging my Kontrol Z1 into my iPad/iPhone, and despite there being a MIDI mode in the Z1, it doesn’t work on iOS.


Hi @kokernutz,

We’ve tested the Xone:K1, it works. The Xone:K2 is the same but with a class compliant audio interface so it should work fine on iOS.

The Kontrol X1 isn’t class compliant. The Z1 isn’t either. These devices will not work on djay for iOS.

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Great. Thank you so much for the prompt reply.