Does anyone have a DDJ200 and Mixtour setup?

My question is , do they both work at the same time?(Mixtour + DDJ200) Or do some features get canceled out? Reason for asking is I recently got hooked on Algoriddim DJAY Pro AI and I have more and more started to gig with my iOS device and lesss now with my laptop, DJay Pro is great with my Numark DJ2Go2Touch however I have more controlls and equaliation with DDJ200 , I just can’t stand the split cable thing , it’s very ghetto and not cool at all, I am looking for an iOS compatible external sound card fror pre-cueing or perhaps if the Mixtour works well with my DDJ200 then I might invest in a Mixtour, I just want assurance that they both work well together, hope you can help

If you want an audio interface, you’re probably better off buying a dedicated one. Looking at both the sound quality and ease of setup here.

To answer your question, it should work by the way. :wink:

More here: Precueing using external USB sound cards

i confirm i had this setup and it works great.

That’s great, just wanted to know, I figured that if Djay Pro detects one soundcard then it’s logical that my numark dj2go2touch and DDJ200 would work well too, so after setting up the numark I connected the DDJ200 via blutooth and … it works , everything mapped out automatically , I’ll get the Mixtour in the near future

Thanks Again

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I need an external sound card for pre-cueing for my iOS setup with Djay Pro and PioneerDJ DDJ200
Any suggestions?
So far I tried my Native Instruments Audio DJ2 that works great with Rekordbox on my laptop , however it is not recognized by DJay Pro on my iOS setup, it’s a real bummer because I am loving Algoriddim Djay Pro AI

There’s a good discussion of this topic over here already:


Thanks this is a great info :+1:t3:

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Can anyone confirm if PioneerDJ DDJ200 and Reloop Mixtour really can work together? Since the DDJ200 has no internal io and can be connected via blutooth I want to use the sound card in the reloop mixtour for pre-cueing but be able to use other Reloop features like library browsing and advanced fx and filters not found on the DDJ200, in other words will they both function together or will they cancel each other out? I can’t find anything on YouTube to prove that it will work, however I heard somewhere that it’s possible since ios recognizes only one sound card , I need DJay Pro AI be able to recognize the soundcard and provide channel 1&2 for master and channel 3&4 for pre cue and not some lame splitter output cable crap that PioneerDJ has , if Algoriddim or anyone who has this setup pls reassure me that it actually works, then I will invest on a Mixtour

I’m have used multiple MIDI controllers with djay many times with no issues. I don’t have those particular products so I can’t speak to them specifically. It shouldn’t be an issue though. From my understanding of what others have reported, you’ll want to plug the Mixtour in first so djay will default to it for audio. Then plug in the DDJ200.

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Thanks or your prompt response, so after following your instructions, both devices will be usable and functioning?

I’m wondering if DJAY Pro AI iOS will work with
behringer umc204hd, because all I want is a clean setup where I have an external sound card to pre cue on the DDJ200, I kinda regret buying this controller but will renounce my regret if I can have someone confirm that this will work with DJAY pro AI

This will be less expensive then investing on another controller aka Mixtour, because it would be redundant to have 2 , although it would be cool if both work at the same time

Like I said, I can’t guarantee it because I don’t have this exact hardware, but in theory it should work fine.

Ok cool , thanks again for your insight :+1:t3:

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Hi @Sound4Steel,

Thank you for your post and thank you to all for their insight on this question!

I noticed you asked this question in another post so I will be merging the two for fluidity.

Thank you all again!