Does Djay for Mac work with Numark NV or Mixtrack 3 Pro?

The midi mapping functionality does not work for Numark NV. The device is recognized however the midi signals are not being received by the application so you cannot create the mapping table. Will this be fixed. Has anyone with a NV been able to get this working and can share their mappings file.

The learn functionality does not work Numark NV. Is there a Mapping file that can be shared with the Community to get over this hump. Please help

Why are there no comments from Algoriddim? I see several other posts around NV support with the same non-responsiveness. If you wont’t be fixing or supporting it would be great so that equipment owner can move to find other alternatives.

Adrian, I have mapped it as a midi controller and it’s unresponsive / over responsive. Do you have phone support that I can call? When you turn the knob a quarter of a turn in your program reads it as a full turn when that isn’t the case.

Can someone just explain why mapping of this device to DJay isn’t possible? Is it a hardware restriction or some contractual restriction with Serato?

Neither one of them is natively supported, yet. However, you can map any midi controller yourself using our Midi Learn feature. Learn more:…

We’re happy to announce that djay Pro now natively supports the Numark Mixtrack Pro 3!

Get yourself the latest update of djay Pro at the Mac App Store and check it out!

With the Mappings fixed does someone have the mappings that they can upload. I want to try them on my iPad

Adrian from algoridim support, can you please tell me if the NV will be supported?

How much longer before the Numark NV functions with Djay? Midimapping does not work, please help. Thank you.

I was planning on purchasing a Numark NV, and want to use DJay Pro. Seems like this has been an open issue for about a year now. Will the NV not be supported?

The Mixtrack Pro 3 was just released a month ago and already has a mapping. If anyone had any info that would be great because I would really like to make my purchase. If not I guess I’ll be forced to use Serato or whatever the controller supports :frowning:

Hi Mark Tapia,

here lays the problem, we can not natively support the Mixtrack 3 Platinum due to its platter visuals.
If you need help with the mapping you can send us a mail via
Lukas E.

Hey Mike Hardee,

please contact us via and tell us at which point of the mapping you are facing problems.

Lukas E.

any news on numark NV and djaypro?

Would also very much like the NV to be mapped because I prefer djay pro to Serato but I’ll switch if I need to. I’m ready to purchase the NV in the next week or two.

I have an NV. I started out with Mixtrack Pro 2 and djay pro. I love djay pro and I was mad I had to let it go. I decided to stick it out and learn Serato. And Serato is good. The NV is also good. Time to let Algoriddim go.

Randall - hit me up, I have an NV that was used once I would be willing to sell you. even have a case. chris @ domainly (dot) com

Well I’m glad i didn’t buy this program yet seeing how the Numark NV still isn’t working with this yet.

Dammnn! Why didn’t i see this before buying the damn App. Please is there a way to get a refund?