Does the new DDJ-1000 works with Djay Pro Mac/Windows?

December 2018. Still looking to see if they’re going to support Algoriddim on the ddj1000

Is the camera connection for iPad?

my DDJ-1000 is blinking like a madman… and waiting full anticipation for a mapping with Djay. hope you guys can make it happen!!! for now i dive into rekordbox and try some things out to map myself… fingers crossed

I too would like to use my iPad with my DDJ-1000 but definitely need sound drivers coming from iPad. I also submitted a support ticket last week but nothing yet.

I agree, I suspect it will be supported, but only MIDI, I’d be surprised if the LCD screens are supported.

“Ferdinand Black 3 hours ago
How do you connect your ipad to DDJ-1000 ?”"

Just in case there is confusion, the DDJ-1000 does not work with the iPad version of dJay pro, it only works with dJay Pro on the Mac currently.

And as I understand it, the DDJ1000 will work with the new DJay for iOS released today in conjunction with an Apple Camera Connection adapter…

Yes. iPad or iPhone.

UPDATE: My findings. The DDJ100 only works as a midi controller, I can not get the audio to route through the controller using the djay app on iPad and the camera adapter,I suspect this maybe because the controller does not have a class compliant audio sound card. (I don’t know this for sure, it’s just speculation)
I think Algoriddim will need to update their supported hardware page to make it clear that the DDJ1000 device is compatible as a midi controller surface only, not as an audio device., which for me personally is not what I wanted and now I have spent £40 on an adapter I will not use :frowning:

Yes i guess this would be possible technically, but it would be an extremely convoluted workflow to DJ effectively using only the controller and an ipad
I would need to mono splt from the headphone out of the ipad (Master on one, Cue on the other), then use two 3.5mm to twin rca cables to route into Channels 3 & 4 on the Controller, only then would I be able to Cue Monitor.
I would then effectively be using Layers 1 & 2 to control, and channels 3 & 4 to monitor the Cue and Master

It would be much easier just to use a laptop and the controller instead. I was hoping for a nicer simple & tidy iPad and Controller only solution, but I’m not there yet.

I have opened a support request with Algoriddm to confirm if the Controller can be supported as a sound card by Djay on the ipad. I will update once I hear back :slight_smile:

Indeed , sorry I should of been clearer

@ConradJ - Indeed, I have since learned that none of the Pioneer Rekordbox Controllers are class compliant.
However, what lead to myself and Rik buying the Apple adapter was that the DDJ1000 was originally on the official list of supported controllers for the new iOS DJAY, It was only removed from the list a couple of days ago, but this was after myself and Rik had bought the cables.


*nudge nudge*

@Dj Makko,

What we need to do is wait for Pioneer to release the DDJ 2000 & stop making the DDJ 1000… when this happens they will release the mapping for the 1000.

I agree. Rekordbox is what the 1000 should be used with. I take a wego and iPad running djay placed on laptop stand next to pioneer ddj when I know it’s a night I need the Spotify library.

Delvin thats exactly what I do. Rekordbox is the one, Djay is great but better suited to the enthusiast in its current state. I would maybe consider it more if there was post fader echo on the iOS version… but for now iPad on spare channel is the one.

If ever it will be long after Mac gets the support. If you plan to DJ I would strongly consider a Mac. I prefer Windows PC for EVERYTHING day to day but it is no secret all DJ apps favor Apple.

Native support for DDJ-1000 included in new Djay Pro v 2.0.5 release. As I mentioned previously this is Mac only though.