Does the new DDJ-1000 works with Djay Pro Mac/Windows?

Not enteriely accurate guys.…

Hi there,

the DDJ 1000 is not natively supported at the moment.

I added your post to our user request list for a native support of the DDJ-1000. 


I wanted to inform you that the DDJ 1000 now is natively supported by djay Pro 2 for the Mac and djay Pro for Windows.

Lukas E.

I Have Been Waiting for Native Support on Reloop Terminal Mix 8 and Beatmix 4 for Almost 3 years now…I Really Do Hope they get to myself and many others request first before they Get To A Device That was Made Exclusivly for Rekordbox DJ software…The Numark NS6II and Mixars Primo Should of been before the DDJ 1000

Djay Pro 2 would be a great companion alongside my (newly purchased) Pioneer DDJ-1000!
I’m currently enjoying using the controller with Rekordbox, and the recently supported Virtual DJ 8 (VDJ 8 fully utilises the jog wheel displays too).
Therefore, for Algoriddim to add this controller to their Natively Supported list, then this would the icing on the cake, so to speak!
So, Lukas E: a little “nudge” from me as well, to get your programmers to work their magic…

The DDJ-1000 is a fantastic controller! So glad I sold my NS6 II for this fine piece of DJ gadget good-ness!!
Virtual DJ appears to working like a dream with this unit and much prefer it over to the bundled Rekordbox software.
However, as I have mentioned on many occasions: I rather like DJay Pro 2 as well! Actually, quite a lot…
The beauty about the NS6 II and the DDJ-1000 is that each DJ can be running an independent software of their own choice (as long as it’s nativity supported) and seemlessly switch between the two…
So, Algoriddim, please, please, add native support to this controller, soon!*
* I’d be happy to pay an extra in-app fee just for the privilege…

Waiting patiently for native support of DDJ-1000 as well.

Woohoo!!! Even some support for the jog wheel screen. Well done!!

Effects not included in Djay Pro 2 that are buttons on DDJ-1000 will not work. Personally I prefer the Rekordbox interface when using the DDJ-1000. That’s what it was built for.

Having the option to use Djay Pro 2 is great. When using Rekordbox I will just connect my iPad to the DDJ-1000 and run Spotify that way.

The Djay effects will work with the corresponding buttons on the controller decks. The color effects are included with this.

The Separate mixer effects are independent and hardware based so any sound input will be affected by them.

You will need to use one of the line inputs. Connect with an Aux to RCA y-cable and select Line on your channel.

It will if you use a line input. Any audio source will work. You can’t control the iPad from the controller.

June 2018 djay pro was updated to support the DDJ-1000.

The idea is to control the software with the controller. Not using as a stand-alone mixer. It works with the Mac version for sure. New iOS version unsure.

Im coming from Traktor S8 and since Day don’t have a mapping for it my next choice is to buy a DDJ-1000 but also will need the mapping is it coming ? or will never come like it did for the traktor??

I use a Mac, But we are getting desperate about the ddi 1000 integration with dj pro 2

Guys, what can we do to put pressure on algoriddim to release DDJ-1000 support?

Your not far from true, Pioneer will release DDJ 2000 probably in 3 months period. and DJ Pro 5 already.

Cmooooonnn!! Hurry up, with the mapping algoriddm…

It’s a reality now!!!