Dropbox support & SoundCloud export options!

Would be awsome to be able to import/ export sounds/ mixes from/ to Dropbox (like many other music app/ instruments!

And even more to share mixes to SoundCloud community!

Please upgrade our favorite App: Djay!

Pretty much, 3rd party cloud support to load songs from the Cloud would be an INSANELY awesome feature


You can now load songs to and from Dropbox using “Open in…”. http://help.algoriddim.com/customer/p…

Thank you very much!
This is really cool :wink:

Supporting Dropbox is great! Not just for Djay but also for Vjay!

Almost forgot, Box.net might be a good idea as well!


Why not enable users to export their mixes direct in app to Soundcloud? This would be n be wery simpel and a lot more social!

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Export to Soundcloud in Djay.

More general, it would be great if djay would break the dependency on iTunes and the media library by making it possible to upload songs into its own filesystem. That would mean you can use Dropbox, Filebrowser, GoodReader, Safari download and any other application that can handle files in general, click on the file and say “open in; djay”. Or even, from djay, access the media library and import songs into djays own filesystem.

djay is a great product but getting stuff into the media library (via iTunes) always requires a PC with iTunes and a USB cable. Particularly the PC is not something I carry on the road.

Definitely need to be able to load from Soundcloud. Don’t care about posting to it, just accessing the embedded files.

To b able to share mixes directly from ios to soundcloud would b amazin

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Uploading mixes direct from its to soundcloud.

Can this method be used with any of the Pogo products?
I’m going to see about borrowing one from a friend if it does.

The thing is that using dropbox or Box to load songs to Djay app will stop the current music from playing. With Drop Box you need to select the song and it will start playing immediately before you can get an option to open with. With Box, it does not start playing the song but will stop Djay current track from playing. So this is not a good solution. In my opinion. thanks

That will be realy great, I mean loading songs from SoundCloud

Is it possible to open video files from Dropbox?

Export to Soundcloud is a must. Please make it happen :slight_smile:

What about media from YouTube…Any word on being able to import content to Vjay from them as they are the largest source of media content for joe blogs on the planet…

The “Open in” function is nice, but the track will not stay in memory permanently. Therefore, we are not able to save cue points.

I got rid of my desktop and laptop units many months ago. I uploaded everything to my Box.com account.

I like how your app can open an audio file from another app within my iPad. Unfortunately, I do not have any of my music synced with iTunes to remain within the “Music” app of iOS. So, anything I load into your app is not retained in memory.

Is there a possibility that a future version of your app could download (and store in memory) music from Box, Dropbox, or another 3rd party cloud app?

Thanks for the information. What I was wanting is the ability to download music from the cloud in advance and not during a live session. If djay could allow us to store the files in its own database, rather than the iOS “Music” app, then we would not need iTunes to load all of our music.

Soundcloud / Mixcloud export would be great. I rarely connect to Mac, and the Open in Dropbox feature seems like a deroute. Thanks for a wonderfull app.