Dual Stereo Out on iDJ pro with djay on iOS 6

I have a iPad 3 (currently iOS5) and the newest Version of the djay app.

My Numark iDJ pro is ordered.

I read alot about the audio splitting (headphone + master out) beeing both in mono.

My Question is, will i be able to use my Headphones to prelisten and still have Stereo output on the Master output?

Anybody experience on an iPad 3? I suppose you got to have iOS 6 (sad, considering the missing youtube and crippled maps app)

Sorry for my bad english…

Hi Warren,
i am also about to order the pro, and really wondering, how would a dual stereo support be possible without connecting via the headphones output?
currently the iPad is docked to the pro only through th e30pin, or am i wrong?

many thanks,

Hi Martin, i have to decide within 2 hours if i’m going for it or not (until the next oprt.), i am just worried. the current solution for 2x stereo is based on both the 30pin connector and the headphones connector. do you have any idea if there’s any chance of a 30pin-only solution. otherwise we’re screw… :slight_smile:

DJay 1.6.3 (IOS 6) It works - dual stereo on the iDJ Pro at last!!

Hi Martin,

We are working closely with Numark to enable multi-channel support with the iDJ Pro. But yes, you will need iOS 6 for this.

Currently, the sound output is basically the same as when using a split cable.

Sorry, but I can’t say when this will be available. Anyone who knows us long enough knows that if we say “we’re working on it” -> then we really ARE working on it. :wink:

Please understand that some things just take time.

I can see that there is much confusion here, so I’ll try to clarify some things:

(1) iOS 6 already supports multi-route audio. So, if you have an iPad compatible multi-channel sound card, then you can already use this with djay for “stereo pre-cueing”.

(2) iDJ Pro technically already has a built-in multi-channel sound card BUT it needs a firmware update.

(3) We are working with Numark on this firmware update.

(4) iOS 5 does not support multi-route audio, so stereo pre-cueing will never be available on iOS 5, with or without the firmware update.

Update: iDJ Pro now supports multi-channel output on iOS 6 with djay for iPad 1.6.3.

Hi Darren,

You can use the iDJ Pro with a lightning to 30-pin adapter.

Hi All,

I have a problem with mine…Any ideas!

I updated to 6.0.1 last night, installed the latest version of Djay…went to test it today & as you’ll see from the video…Nada!!! No Update, No Charging, Nothing!!

Quick help please Staff!!


Thank you for all the useful information Warren. I do, however, have a question about the firmware upgrade:

How is this going to be applied to iDJ Pro’s already in consumer’s hands?
I didnt notice any usb cables or ports to update mine once that is out.
Maybe this is a question better asked to Numark, but since you mentioned you are working closely together on this project…

In regards to the system in general…JUST LOVE IT. It is incredible how responsive this thing is and to be honest I expected higher latency. I really almost dont care about the stereo output except that I have a few artists that like to split some of the audio across both channels and I dont get to hear the whole track as intended.

Looking forward to seeing where you take it from here.

I didnt realize how flat the sound was before this firmware update. What a difference ! Thanks for the release

Nice one algo for the update

Is it normal that Djay always ask to update IDJpro Firmware ???

Ooooopps… when i open Djay app, turn on idjpro, there is the message " new idjpro firmware" and i click on update… then djay is ready, but there is always this message everytime i open djay!!!
question: when you click on update, what happen ???
Thx for your answer.

still in Mono !!!

Even if you update to iOS 6, you will still get mono audio output if you want to monitor through the headphones. That was a question that I had about the unit since I have an iPad that also runs iOS 5 and still had the same problem. Numark told me that they were coming out with a software update to address it but there seems to be no progress on it thus far. Good luck but don’t hold your breath on this one…

Any word back on if it actually works or not?

I guess I know what to ask for this Christmas (again)…

Yes there is. I can confirm it working. You will need a headphone amplifier however as the output from the headphone socket is very low. Also the ipad will hang out of the back of the idjpro unit a bit to allow for jack plug.
This definately works and stereo recording also works.
We shouldnt have to do this. Come on NUMARK.