Edit beat grid at multiple places

Thanks guys, I have a few tracks with whack BPM…no more!

I agree. The function to adjust the beat grid on multiple parts of the track should be added as soon as possible. However, I hope it will be careful not to break the groove of the track when adding the function. One thing I like about djay is that it keeps the groove of the original track even if you change the BPM or Key Lock. I stopped using rekordbox and traktor because the grooves would change from the original track.

I would hope that whenever this gets introduced (hopefully soon!), the beat grid will also sync via iCloud. It’s already bad enough right now that you have to set the beat grid and BPM again on every device but setting it at multiple places will have to suck even more so please combine it with iCloud sync. :pray:

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Do any of your beat grids ever reset on you?
Happens to me all the time.

Strange that you should mention that as I have noticed that they do occasionally…
I’m also finding that just about every track that gets analysed, I’m have to slightly adjust the beat grid for the downbeat in order to make tight loops,not a big deal for me but I’m grateful that it can be done…

The funny thing is that the Djay 2 app was about 90% perfect at analyzing tracks…

Don’t think so but even if it does, since I work across multiple devices I don’t usually think much of it as hitting the „Set Beat Grid“ button has become second nature for me (right after calling one of my cue points).

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+1 for the ability to edit the beat grid and add downbeat indicators to adjust for pauses or breaks in songs.


Great idea. Some older tracks, and some tracks released today with multiple tempo changes or edits, need to adjusted by hand. Tedious as it is, manual beatgrids is the only way to solve this so they can be mixed using sync with confidence.

Yess please add this. Serato already has this. And Ableton as well. AND rekordboxx i believe.

It would be AWESOME to be able to save those beatgrids or any beat grids across multiple devices without having to re-enter them manually too.


Pleas please please. This is one of the main things that Serato has on Djay Pro. And of course, Djay Pro AI is the superior app. Yall really makin me run irregular tracks through ableton warp first. WE NEED MULTI POINT BEATGRID EDITING LIKE (OR BETTER) THAN SERATO! THANK YOUUU LONG LIVE DJAY PRO AI!


The latest update STILL cannot transfer beat grid start information across devices.

Yes. With acapellas this also happens pretty quickly. Anchor points or hints for the detection mechanism would be good I think.

An even better option IMO would be to be able to set multiple starting points along the track (where the counting would also restart with / on the ‘1’ - In JB voice: ‘Hit me!’).

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How many times does this have to be requested??

Still no saving of beat grid start information across devices in the latest version. Leading to accurate start points which mean that up to 20% of my music mixes incorrectly. I have 1000’s of songs and I shouldn’t have to input this information when I switch devices.

Please implement saving of beat grid start points with iCloud.–

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This would be a fantastic feature to have and is definately needed.

Completely agree. I would also add local library management similar to that of Rekordbox and it would be top notch.

Hello??? Algoriddim! This is your top requested feature so DO IT!!! DO IT!!! DO. IT!!! Please! Im literally going to be forced to switch back to serato if you dont do this. BARF

As much as I would want it to be at the top, it’s not and “only” comes in at number 3: Top Voted Suggestions. Still, very much agreed that I would like to see this implemented sooner rather than later.