Effects in cue - where are you?

Hey again,

for long I was using djay pro only with decks and external mixer, but since I use it with internal mode & controllers, I realised that in CUE I can not hear the effects - only of course in master cue.

But many times we would like to hear the effects, sometimes I start the mixing with the effects – and right now I can not pre-listen the songs with the effects.

Trust me, it seems like a trifle, but its not.


Hi there,

This topic has been suggested here and here previously.

We all live in hope…….:grin:


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Hi @Imi_Trcz,

Could you answer the following questions below so that I can provide a clearer vision to our dev team about your request?

  1. What device are you using djay on?
  2. What OS version is running on your device.
  3. What version of djay are you running?
  4. What is your current hardware setup when pre-cueing these tracks?

Looking forward to hearing back from you!

Hey Nathaniel,

of course. MacBook Pro M1, macOS Monterey 12.1, Djay Pro AI 3.1.9., and Denon MC7000 (but was the same with NI Traktor Kontrol S3).

Thank you in advance!



Hi @Imi_Trcz,

Thank you for the additional information!

I will definitely make sure this gets to the dev team for further consideration and I will update this thread accordingly in the future.

Looking forward to your next great suggestion!

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