Enable Saved Loops automatically

Is it possible to set a saved loop to be activated automatically when this point in the title is reached?


Would love this too. Actually posted something like this as a request on the old forum ages ago…

Found it: SAVING "Loop sets" vs. cue points - #2 by Mister_Tuur

Hi @Chris_R,

Thanks for reaching out about this on our Community. I think what you’re looking for is available in the Saved Loop panel in djay Pro AI for iOS.

For any saved loops you have there, if you tap the auto-loop icon next to the loop, then this loop will be activated automatically when this point in the track is reached. The saved loop turns blue when activated for this auto-loop functionality as shown below:

Please let me know if this is what you were looking for, or if you had something else in mind. :musical_note:

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Thanks for the reply, but that doesn’t quite hit the mark. :wink: What I had in mind is the option that a saved loop is automatically activated as soon as the track is loaded into a deck.

Thanks for clarifying what you’re looking for, @Chris_R. So it sounds like you’re looking for the option to load a track into a deck with one automatically activated saved loop ready to go.

Just so our team can have a better understanding of this, could you tell me a little more about how you’d use this feature? Is it sort of like a safety measure where you’d like the automatically activated loop towards the end of the track to ensure a proper transition? It would be great to hear more.

It would also be interesting to hear your ideas about how this might be implemented in djay. So for example, would you see it being something like djay could take the saved loop that is latest in the loaded track (by time) and automatically activate that one? Or how would you envision this option being available in djay?

Hello and thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile:
As already recognized, I would like to use this to prepare tracks to run a loop that I can actually use for mixing into the next track.
I would like the option to be able to select a saved loop that is automatically activated when the track is loaded.
I feel that having such a feature would make saved loops much more usable. I personally don’t find saved loops alone very useful.

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Thanks a lot for sharing more about exactly what you’re looking for in djay.

I’ve passed this feedback to our Development Team, and also added this request to our internal tracking system for our team to take into consideration for future developments. I’ll keep you posted when we have any news about this.

I’ve also moved this thread over to the Suggestions category in our Community so other users can up-vote the request and/or add additional comments.

Thanks again for sharing your feedback and suggestions! It really helps us to continually improve djay. :headphones:

Continuing the discussion from Enable Saved Loops automatically:

Hi. I just wondering if this issue has been rectified? It would be soooo useful to be able to set loops that automatically trigger when the track gets to the saved loop.


No updates on this request yet, but rest assured I’ll keep this thread updated when we have more news! Thanks for adding your vote to this suggestion. :pray: